Vol. 12

Vol. 12 January 2013
Write On!

Four credit points * Rich academic experience * Acquisition of analytical tools and critical thinking * These are just some of the benefits gained by law students who get involved in writing journals * In the first in a series of articles, we offer a glimpse behind the scenes at three leading student journals in the Faculty of Law *

The Attorney General Teaches the Next Generation

Every year the Faculty of Law offers its students a wide range of courses taught by lecturers who are involved in practical work in the legal field. This year, a particularly notable course is entitled “The Institution of the Attorney General – Selected Issues.” The course is taught by former Attorney General Attorney Meni Mazuz, and has quickly become one of the most popular courses among undergraduates in the faculty.
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The American Media and the US Supreme Court – An Inside Look

Dahlia Lithwick, an American journalist who covers the US Supreme Court for Slate magazine, will be teaching a course this year at the faculty. The course examines the attitude of the American media toward the Supreme Court – an attitude Lithwick describes as “a case of Stockholm Syndrome.”

Justice, Justice Shall You Pursue

The Hebrew University’s Minerva Center runs seminars, conferences and workshops to promote human rights * Sigall Horowitz, director of the Transitional Justice project, tells us about the latest conference * Tomer Haramati, a past participant in the transitional justice workshop, shares his unique experiences in Rwanda and Tanzania in a project run by the Minerva Center.

Adam Hofri-Winogradow

Many researchers compete for the prestigious grants awarded by the Israel Science Foundation (ISF). The ISF is the main state body responsible for supporting academic research in Israel. The competition is based on criteria of scientific excellence and includes diverse research fields. Dr. Adam Hofri-Winogradow, a senior faculty member, is one of the lucky few who have received a substantial grant from the ISF.

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