Jewish Law Annual

Since its inception, the JLA has published 19 volumes that are filled with seminal articles on an array of topics related to Jewish law. While for many years the JLA was published under the auspices of Boston University, it has recently been transferred to the Institute for the Research of Jewish Law, at the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University (it is published in English through the Routledge Publishing house). This is a very exciting milestone in the history of JLA, and presents a singular opportunity for further enhancing this publication, and assuring that it will serve as a first tier journal of Jewish law for years to come.


The JLA is a peer reviewed journal, which offers a unique platform for publishing articles in the field of Jewish law, broadly defined.  In addition to publishing articles on Jewish law and Halakhah proper, the journal also extends to surrounding fields including Jewish philosophy, Jewish history, biblical studies, Talmudic research, as well as law and religion, and comparative law and jurisprudence. The 20th volume of JLA is expected to be published in the coming weeks and we are now in the midst of selecting high quality articles for the 21st volume.


Editor: Benjamin Porat, Hebrew University

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