Hukim – Journal on Legislation

Hukim is a new journal published (in Hebrew) by the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, dedicated to commentaries on existing or proposed legislation; proposals for new legislation; and discussions on the process of legislating and its role as part of the web of regulations.
The goal of the journal is to enrich and promote the academic discourse on these issues, and to strengthen the relationship between theoretical academic writings and their practical application in the context of legislation.
The Chief Editors of Hukim are Dr. Guy Pessach (a faculty member) and Omri Benzvi (a research fellow), along with the Executive Editors (Yosef Kalmenovitz and Dafna Sidkiyahu). They enjoy the assistance of a student editorial board. All the manuscripts we receive are reviewed anonymously by three editors, and are additionally subject to a peer-review. 

Hukim's Volumes

  • Volume 1, published in December 2009, was dedicated mostly to the Local Municipalities Bill, 2007.
  • Volume 2, published in April 2010, was dedicated to the Electronic Commerce Bill, 2008.
  • Volume 3, published in March 2011, was dedicated to the structuring of judicial discretion in sentencing.
  • Volume 4, published in June 2012.
  • Volume 5, published in August 2013, was dedicated to Consumer Legislation.
  • Volume 6, published in August 2014, was dedicated to plea bargains.