The Lionel Cohen Annual Lecture Series

The Lionel Cohen Annual Lecture Series

The Lionel Cohen Annual Lecture series is held at the Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem continually since 1953. The series is organized by The British Friends of the Hebrew University. It is regarded as one of the major annual events at the Law Faculty, and marks the unique relations between the British and the Israeli judiciaries and legal communities in general.
This series of lectures is named in honor of Lord Lionel Cohen. Lionel Cohen was born in 1888. In 1943,during the Second World War, he was appointed as a judge in the High Court. He then was appointed to the Court of Appeal and in 1951 he was appointed a Law Lord entering the House of Lords, where he served until his retirement in 1961. Cohen chaired many Royal Commissions in the years following the Second World War, particularly in the areas of company law and compensation. From 1946 to 1956 he chaired the Royal Commission on Awards to Inventors, which acknowledged scientists who had made technological advances.

Lionel Cohen was also very active in the British Jewish Community, and served as the President of the Jewish Welfare Board (now the Jewish Care). Lionel Cohen died in 1973. 

The Lionel Cohen lecture series was established in 1953, shortly after the establishment of the law faculty of the Hebrew University in 1949. Lionel Cohen's son, the Honourable Leonard Cohen, has maintained the interest in the Lectureship. He served as the President of the Jewish Colonisation Association. Jonathan Cohen, the grandson of Lionel Cohen, is now the Trustee of the Fund for the Lectureship.

Lionel Cohen Lecturers:

2019: Prof. Philippe Sands QC "East West Street: Then and Now"
2018: The Right Honorable Sir Terence Etherton "The Universality of the Rule of Law as an International Standard"   Gallery
2017: The Right Honourable the Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales "The judiciary within the state: governance and cohesion of the judiciary"

The Right Honourable Lord Dyson, former Master of the Rolls of England and Wales "Protecting Human Rights in an Age of Terrorism"  Gallery

2015:  Sir Christopher John Greenwood  "Magna Carta and the Development of Modern International Law"  Invitation
2014:  The Right Honorable Lady Justice Heather Hallet, "Being a Judge in the Modern World"   Invitation
2013:  The Right Honourable Sir Stanley Burnton - "Immigration and International Law"
2012:  The Right Honorable the Lord Grabiner QC - "Sex, Scandal and Super-Injunctions: the Controversies Surrounding the Protection of Privacy"  Invitation     Gallery
2011: The Right Honorable the Lord Igor JudgeLord Chief Justice and President of the Courts of England and Wales. Gallery
2010: The Right Honorable the Lord David Neuberger of Abbotsbury, Master of the Rolls, Head of the Civil Justice in England and Wales.   Gallery
2009: The Right Honorable the Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal, the Attorney General of the United Kingdom;
2008: Sir Mark Potter
2007: Sir Lawrence Collins
2006: Baroness Deech of Cumnor
2005: Baroness Hale of Richmond
2004: Sir Jack Beatson
2003: Lord Woolf of Barnes
2002: Lord Pannick of Radlett
2001: Lord Hope of Craighead
2000: Prof. Peter Birks
1999: Lord Bingham of Cornhill
1998: Lord Hoffman of Chedworth
1997: Prof. Michael Zander
1996: Lord Mustill of Pateley Bridge
1995: Prof. Dawn Oliver
1994: Lord Lester of Herne Hill
1993: Prof. Basil Markesinis
1992: Lord Lowry of Crossgar
1991: Sir Nicholas Browne-Wilkinson
1990: Prof. Roy Goode
1989: Lord Oliver of Aylemerton
1987: Lord Goff of Chieveley
1985: Prof. Gareth Jones
1984: Lord Elwyn-Jones of Llanelli and Newham
1983: Prof. John Anthony Jolowicz
1981: Lord Lane of Horsell
1980: Prof. Patrick Atiyah
1979: Lord Wilberforce of Kingston-upon-Hull
1978: Lord Hailsham of St. Marylebone
1975: Sir Leslie Scarman
1973: Prof. Rupert Cross
1972: Prof. Col. Gerald Draper
1971: Prof. David Daube, Chief Justice Bora Laskin
1970: Sir Garfield Barwick
1969: Sir Leon Radzinowicz
1967: Sir Cyril SaImon, Sir William Diplock
1966: Dr. Motilal Chimanlal Setalvad
1964: Prof. Herbert Hart
1963: Sir Seymour Karminski
1962 Lord McNair of Gleniffer
1961: Lord Denning of Whitchurch
1960: Prof. Otto Kahn-Freund
1959: Lord Parker of Waddington
1958: Prof. David Perry, Prof. Glanville Williams
1957: Lord Cohen of Walmer
1954: Sir Raymond Evershed
1953: Prof. Arthur Goodhart