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Attorney Ruta Oren Receives the First Faculty of Law Award

The Faculty of Law recently held the first-ever event honoring one of the most prominent figures in the Israeli legal community – Attorney Ruta Oren of S. Horowitz & Co. * The event was attended by many of the leading lights of the Israeli legal world in a special fundraising dinner for the Faculty * Several leading jurists spoke at the event in honor of the recipient of the award 


Three Graduates of the Faculty of Law’s Research Fellows Program Win Fulbright Scholarships

The Faculty of Law’s investment in students for advanced degrees and research fellows has again proved worthwhile. For the first time, all three recipients of the prestigious Fulbright Program scholarships for 2013 are graduates of our research fellows program (and by the way – all three are women!)



The Minerva Center for Human Rights: Internalizing International Law in Israel

The Minerva Center for Human Rights at the Hebrew University has initiated numerous academic projects and strives to enhance the students’ understanding of human rights issues * We decided to focus on one of the Center’s programs that aims to enhance the internalization of international human rights laws in Israel * The program, funded by the European Union, includes tri-partite encounters between government, civil society and academia, as well as a research group and the preparation of research resources for human rights law



Competitions and Emissaries – The Second Article in Our Series

Every year the Faculty sends students to represent the university and Israel in international competitions * In our last issue we looked at the Jessup and ICC Moot Court Competitions * This time, we would like to introduce you to the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot and the Copenhagen International Negotiation Competition



The LL.M. Program at the Faculty of Law: Reaching out to Students from around the World

The Faculty of Law’s English-language master’s degree program (LL.M.) offers law students from various fields an opportunity to study in Jerusalem’s unique atmosphere * The students come from around the world and study in advanced tracks specializing in human rights or international commercial law


Short meetings with faculty students




A First in Israel – A Book on Private International Law

After an extensive period of research, Faculty member Professor Celia Fassberg is about to publish a book on Private International Law * This is the first comprehensive work on the subject published in Hebrew * We spoke to Professor Fassberg, who told us about the book, the writing process, and her fascination with Private International Law


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