Vol. 14

Vol. 14 August 2013

Supreme Court President (Ret.) Dorit Beinisch Joins the Faculty of Law

Leading figures from all sections of the Israeli legal community attended a conference honoring Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch on the occasion of her retirement * The numerous speakers at the conference represented the full legal spectrum in Israel, including senior academics, former and present judges, and veteran and young attorneys * We offer some impressions of the conference, as well as a special interview with President Beinisch as she joins the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University 


The Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law: The Faculty’s Platform for Academic Publications

The Sacher Institute, which is based at the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University, is the largest and oldest publisher of academic legal works in Israel * Professor David Glicksberg, the head of the Institute, tells us about some upcoming publications and discusses the challenges facing the Institute

The Institute of Criminology: A Jewel within  the Law Faculty

The Institute of Criminology was established as an integral part of the Faculty of Law * Every year, the Institute produces leading scholars in the field * We bring you a brief introduction to the Institute, the programs it offers, criminology in general and the dynamics between research and practice

Competitions and Emissaries

Every year the Faculty sends students to represent the university and Israel in international competitions * Key events include the Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition and the ICC Moot Court Competition * Some of the participants share their experiences in the competitions and explain how they prepared for the events


All the World’s a Stage 

Many people have noted the similarity between the theater stage and the courtroom * For eight years the Faculty has run a theater workshop that illustrates this connection in practical terms * The butterflies in the stomach of a prosecutor or defense attorney as they stand before the judge are very similar to those of an actor about to go out in front of the audience * The participants in the workshop gained two academic credit points – and enjoyed a once-in-a-lifetime experience 

Professor Yoav Dotan Discusses His Latest Book

Professor Yoav Dotan’s latest book, entitled Lawyering for the Rule of Law, will be published shortly by Cambridge University Press * We met Professor Dotan to chat about his book, which examines the transformation that occurred in the High Court of Justice Department(HCJD) of the State Attorney’s Office following Israel’s “constitutional revolution” * Does the department serve the government, the public or the court? * Professor Dotan summarizes the main conclusions from his study, and took the opportunity to reminisce about his student days


Who am I?

Short meetings with faculty students

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