Family Law

Berachyahu Lifshitz

Prof. Berachyahu Lifshitz

Henry J. and Fannie Harkavy chair in comparative law

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Higher Education

1965-1970 Yeshivah, “Kerem B’Yavneh”
1970-1974 LL.B. (with distinction), Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
1974-1975 Clerkship, The Supreme Court of Israel (Judge I. Kister) and the District Attorney of Jerusalem (M. Kirsch)
1975 - Member of the Israeli Bar Association
1977 M.A. (with distinction), Talmud, The Hebrew University (Topic: Third Chapter of Tractate Ketubot [BT], Text and Exegsis. Supervisor: Prof. E. Sh. Rosenthal)
1979 Dr. Juris. (summa cum laude), Hebrew University. (Topic: One Does Not Receive Both the Death Penalty and Payment. (Supervisor: Prof. Menahem Elon).

Professional Activity

1971-1987 A member of the Institute for Research in Jewish Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
1972-1979 Assistant teacher and Instructor, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
1979-1983 Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
1980-1981 Lecturer, the Department of Talmud, Hebrew University
1983-1988 Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
1983-1984 Research Fellow, Harvard University
1984 Member of the Faculty Disciplinary Court, The Hebrew University
1986-2001 Member of the Acadmic commitee of the Institute for Research in J. Law
1989-1996 Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University
1990-1996 Member of the Codification Committee, Ministry of Justice
1991-1993 Vice-Dean, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University
1992-1996 Associate Professor, The College of Management
1994-1996 Dean, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University
1994 Member of the Committee on the Clerkship Problem in Israel
1995- The Harkavy Chair for Comparative Law
1994 - Member of the Academic Committee of The Jewish Law Association
1995-‏2001 Chairman of the Academic Committee of the Institute for Research in Jewish Law, The Hebrew University
1995-2001 Member of the Academic Committee of the Silbert Institute, The Hebrew University
1996 Full Professor, The Hebrew University
1996- Academic Committee of the Center for Teaching Jewish Culture in the Diaspora
1996-2000 President (Hon.), The Jewish Law Association
1996-2000 President, Disciplinary Court, The Hebrew University
1996-1998 Chairman of the Board of Directors, The College of Law, Ramat Gan
1996-1999 Chairman of the Central Admission Committee of the Hebrew University
1997- Member of the Hon. Presidency of the Movement for the Quality of Government in Israel
1997- 2007 Professor, College of Law, Ramat-Gan
1998- Member of the Committees of Scientific Literature and Jewish Stusies, The Bialik Institute, Jerusalem
1999- Member of the Curatorion, The Bialik Institute, Jerusalem
1999 - Memoriak Foundation for Jewish Culture
2000 - 2001 Sabbatical year, Penn U., The Center for Jewish Studies
2001-2004 Director, the Institute for Research in Jewish Law, Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2001- Member of the Academic Council, Orot Israel College of Education
2001-2004 Person in charge of the prosecution of the academic staff, The Heb. U.
2002- Member of the Hight Committee of Appointments, The Hebrew University
2004- Member of the Senate, Hebrew University
2005- Member of Search Committee for Rector, Hebrew University
2005 - Member of the committee for the draft of a Constitution for the State of Israel, The Institute for Zionist Strategies, Jerusalem
2006 - 2007 Director, The Harry Sacher Institute
2007 - Professor, Sharei Mishpat College of Law
2007 - Member of the Accademic Committee of the World Congress of Jewish Studies
2007 - Member of the Committee of Appointments for tenure positions
2009 - Chairman of the Accademic Committee of The Harry Sacher Institue
2009 - Member of the Senate, Heb. U.
4.2011- Head, the Institute for Research in Jewish Law


1973 The Webber Prize
1975 The Amitay Prize
1976 The Urbach Prize
1977 The Jacob Herzog Prize
1980 The Warburg Prize
1981 The Zilberg Prize
1983 The Shnarch Prize
1986 The Duchan Prize
1989 The Rosenthal Prize

Board of Editors

1971-1975 Mishpatim (1974-1976, Vice-Editor)
1979-1983 Deot
1982- Shenaton Ha Mishpat HaIvri (2001-2003 Editor-in-Chief; 2007-2009 Co-Editor)
1998- The Jewish Law Annual - Editor-in-Chief
2000-2004 Shanna be’ Shanna


Dr. M. Vigoda
Dr. A.Radzyner
Dr. Y. Brand
Dr. Y. Cohen
Dr. Sh. Wosner
Dr. B. Cahana
Y. Shapira
E. Zilberstein
Sh. Barash
B.Z. Grinberger
G. Edri
M. Dror


M. Vigoda; Sh. Wosner; Ch. Goldberg


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Prof. Mordechai Rabello

Prof. Mordechai Rabello

Montesquieu Chair in Labor Law

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Mordechai Rabello was born in 1940 in Bologna, Italy. His family fled from the Fascist regime in Italy and managed to reach Switzerland, spending the war years in refugee detention camps. After the war the family returned to Italy. In 1964 Rabello completed his law studies at Bologna University and in 1965 he immigrated to Israel, where he began to study for a master’s degree in law at the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He continued to doctorate studies at the Faculty and in 1972, after receiving his doctorate, he began to teach at the Faculty. Rabello’s fields of expertise are Roman law, family law, the law of obligations, the codification of Roman law, Jewish law, private law, and constitutional law. In 2007 Italian President Giorgio Napolitano awarded Rabello the Order of the Star of Italian Solidarity.


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Ram Rivlin

Dr. Ram Rivlin

Room 202
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Ram Rivlin is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He writes and teaches primarily on theoretical and practical aspects of family law, including contexts in which family law meets private and commercial law (e.g. distribution of marital property, or estate planning); On the interaction between law and religion; And on various issues in which philosophical analysis is relevant to law, in family law and beyond (such as questions about coercion and consent). Ram's research has been supported by various research grants (such as the Israel Science Foundation grant and the GIF Foundation grant), and he has won various awards (such as the Rothschild Prize and the Fulbright Fellowship)Prior to joining the Hebrew University, Ram was a visiting researcher at New York University School of Law, and a fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University. 

During 2021-2022 Ram is on sabbatical at UC Berkeley. 



Hebrew University, Faculty of Law:  LL.D. (2011), LL.M (2004), LL.B (Law and Philosophy, 2002)


Representative publications

The Morality of Get-Threats: Withholding Divorce as Extortion, 18 ICON - International Journal of Constitutional Law  849 (2020).

Fairness in Allocations of Parental Responsibilities, and the Limits of Law, 33 Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 397 (2020).

Reasonable Self-Doubt, 15 Criminal Law and Philosophy 25 (2021) (with Ofer Malcai). 

The Puzzle of Intra-Familial Commodification, 67 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LAW JOURNAL 68 (2017).

Religious Norms Between Ethics and Law: The Death and Afterlife of Jewish Divorce Law, 4 OXFORD JOURNAL OF LAW AND RELIGION 469 (2015).

Blackmail, Subjectivity and Culpability, 28 CANADIAN JOURNAL OF LAW & JURISPRUDENCE 399 (2015).


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Sharon Shakargy

Dr. Sharon Shakargy

Associate Professor
Room 233
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Dr. Sharon Shakargy is an associate professor (senior lecturer) at the law faculty at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, specializing in Private International and Interreligious Law (Conflict of Laws), Family Law and Comparative Law. In her work, she studies the legal manifestations of identity and how they have changed over time. Her research focuses on questions such as the cross-border regulation of marriage and divorce, the regulation of alternative spousal relationships, the recognition of non-romantic relationships, surrogacy agreements, and the cross-border protection of people with disabilities. Some of her recent works were published in journals such as the Journal of Private International Law, the American Journal of Comparative Law, and the International Journal of Policy, Law and the Family. 

Prior to joining the Hebrew University, Sharon served as a visiting researcher at Harvard Law School, a Fulbright Scholar and Grotius Research Scholar at the University of Michigan Law School, and an academic visitor at the University of Oxford.

Sharon is the co-founder and Manager of the Israeli Family Law Forum, which is composed of legal academics, judges  and practitioners, as well as several researchers from other relevant fields. She has also served as a public representative in the ethics committee of the Jerusalem Branch of the Israeli Bar. 



LL.D. Hebrew University, Faculty of Law (2013)

LL.M., magna cum laude, Hebrew University, Faculty of Law (2007)

LL.B., Hebrew University, double major in law and humanities, Faculty  of Law and "Amirim" interdisciplinary honours program in liberal arts (2005)


Representative publications


Sharon Shakargy, Choice of Law in Matters of Marriage and Divorce in the Light of Changes in Substantive law(Harry and Michael Sacher Institute for Legislative Research and Comparative Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University, 2015( ]Hebrew]

Chapters in Collections

Sharon Shakargy, La réglentation israélienne de le gestation pour autrui: Ça nous tient à cœur (mais seulement chez nous), in Véronique Boillet, Marta Roca I Escoda and Estelle Du Luze eds., La Gestation Pour Autrui: Approches Juridiques Internationales, 109-124 (Anthemis, 2018)

Sharon Shakargy, Israel, in Paul Beaumont and Katarina Trimmings eds., International Surrogacy Agreements: Legal Regulation at the National Level, 231-246 (Hart Publishing, 2013)


Sharon Shakargy, Whose Law is it Anyway? The Case of Matrimonial Property in Israel 23 Theoretical Inquiries of the Law (forthcoming 2022)

Sharon Shakargy, Family Shall Be Redeemed with Judgment? Family, Law and Family Law, 34 Bar-Ilan Law Review (forthcoming 2022) [Hebrew]

Miri Gur-Arye and Sharon Shakargy, Solidarity, Cultural Autonomy and Covid-19: The Case of the Ultra-Orthodox Sects in Israel, The Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy (forthcoming 2022)

Sharon Shakargy, Plus One: Who Defines One’s Significant Other? International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family (forthcoming 2021)

Sharon Shakargy, The Outlawed Family: How Relevant is the Law in Family Litigation? 47 Mitchell Hamline Law Review 568-605 (2021)

Sharon Shakargy, Erroneous Correction 33 Bar-Ilan Law Review, 413-433 (2021) [Hebrew]

Sharon Shakargy, You Name it: On the Cross-Border Regulation of Names, 68 American Journal of Comparative Law 647-688 (2020) 

Sharon Shakargy, Choice of law for Surrogacy Agreements: In the in-Between of Status and Contract 16 Journal of Private International Law, 138-162 (2020) 

Sharon Shakargy, Public and Private Family Accords and the Globalized Modern World: A Comment on Daphna Hacker’s Legalized Families in the Era of Bordered Globalization 20 Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, 34-47 (2019) [book review] 

Sharon Shakargy, Family, Contracts, Autonomy and Choice: On the Regulation of Families Through Contracts: A Comment on Dagan And Heller’s Choice Theory of Contracts 20 Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, 90-103 (2019) [book review] 

Sharon Shakargy, What Do You Do When They Don’t Say ‘I Do’? Cross-Border Regulation for Alternative Spousal Relationships, 47 Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law 427-469 (2015) 

Sharon Shakargy, Marriage by the State or Married to the State? On Choice of Law for Marriage and Divorce, 9 Journal of Private International Law 499-533 (2013)


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Prof. Pinhas Shifman

Prof. Pinhas Shifman

Jacob I. Berman Chair in Law

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Pinhas Shifman was born in Jerusalem in 1944. He completed his bachelor’s degree studies at the Hebrew University in 1967 and completed a master’s degree in 1969. In the years 1966-1967 Shifman served as an intern for Moshe Silberg, deputy president of the Supreme Court. He completed his doctorate studies at the Faculty of Law in 1972 and was appointed a lecturer in 1973 and a professor in 1989. After retiring from teaching at the Faculty, Prof. Shifman served as president of the Academic Center for Law and Business in Ramat Gan. Shifman is among the founders of the civil theory of family law in Israel, both in relations between partners and in the field of parent-child relations, including artificial reproductive techniques. In 2006 Science Minister Haim Ramon appointed Shifman head of a committee to examine alimony law in Israel. Shifman has written books and articles on issues relating to family and inheritance law, Jewish law, and interreligious law. His works are frequently quoted in Supreme Court rulings and have exerted a profound influence over the development of case law in various areas, such as in civil partnership arrangements. In 2013 the organization Mavoi Satum awarded Shifman a certificate of appreciation for his work on behalf of women denied a Jewish religious divorce by their husbands.


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