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Prof. Yoav Dotan

Prof. Yoav Dotan

Edwin A. Goodman Professor of Law
Room 121
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Edwin A. Goodman Professor for Public Law and former Dean at the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

His research interests are administrative law, public law, judicial review, regulation, the study of government lawyers, and law and society. His recent book Lawyering for the Rule of Law: Government Lawyers and the Rise of Judicial Power in Israel (2014) was published by Cambridge Un. Press. He published in journals such as Law & Society ReviewOxford Journal of Legal StudiesPublic Law, Administrative Law Review and American Journal of Comparative Law. He also served as the President of the Israeli Association for Law and Society (2012-13).  He received his LL.M from the University of California at Berkeley Law School (Boalt Hall) and his Ph.D. from the Hebrew University where he has lectured there for over 20 years.  He has also lectured abroad at Columbia Law School, Fordham Law School and University of Miami Law School.  Prof. Dotan was awarded the Shneior Zalman Cheshin Prize for Academic Excellence in Law (2012) and received the Edmond J. Safra Research Lab on Institutional Corruption Non Residential Fellowship (2012-13). He was awarded the Gorni Prize for distinguished contribution for public law (2019). He served as the President of the Israeli Association for Law and Society (2012-14).



L.B. (Honors), Hebrew University, 1985.

LL.M, University ofCalifornia at Berkeley, 1987.

Ph.D. Hebrew University, 1993.

Post-Doc, Worcesterand Wolfson College, Oxford, 1995.


Representative Publications

Two Concepts of Deference, 71:4 Administrative Law Review (2020) (forthcoming).

Can Institutions Make Voters Care about CorruptionJournal of Politics (forthcoming 2019) (with Raanan Sulitzeanu-Kenan & Omer Yair).

Between the Agency and the Court: Ex Ante Review of Regulations, American Journal of Comparative Law (forthcoming 2019) (with Michael Asimow, Gabriel Bocksang, Marie Cirotteau & Thomas Perroud).

The Common Real-Life Reference PointMethodology – or: "The McDonald's Index"for Comparative Administrative Law and Regulation (in Oxford Hand for Comparative Administrative Law, Peter P. Cane, Peter Lindseth & Herwig Hofmann (eds) (forthcoming 2019).

Lawyering for the Rule of Law: Government Lawyers and the Rise of Judicial Power in Israel (Cambridge Un. Press, 2014).

Impeachment by Judicial Review: Israel's Odd System of Checks and Balances, 19(2)Theoretical Inquiries in Law 705-744 (2018).

Will Procurement Officials be Biased to Disregard Procurement Rules in Favor of a Low-priced, albeit Defective, Bid?  Review of Law & Economics (2017).

Open and Close Judicial Review of Agency Action: The Conflicting US and Israeli Approach, 64 American Journal of Comparative Law 521 (2016) (with Michael Asimow).

he Boundaries of Social Transformation through Litigation: Women’s and LGBT Rights in Israel, 1970-2010 (Isr. L. Rev. 2014).

Solving the Counter-majoritarian Difficulty? 11 I-CON: International Journal of Constitutional Law (2013 with Or Bassok).

Non Delegation and the Revised Principle of Legality, 42 Mishpatim 379-447 (2012).

Making Consistency Consistent, 57(4) Administrative Law Review (2005).


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Yehonatan Givati

Prof. Yehonatan Givati

Sylvan M. Cohen Chair in Law
Room 214
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Professor Yehonatan Givati is the Sylvan M. Cohen professor at Hebrew University Law School. He is a member of Hebrew University's Center for the Study of Rationality.

His scholarly interest lies in the area of economic analysis of law. His work is both theoretical and empirical. He applies the tools of law and economics to three main areas of law: tax law, law enforcement, and administrative law and regulation. He has also published in the areas of private law and judicial behaviour. He received a PHD from the Economics Department at Harvard University in 2013, and an SJD from Harvard Law School in 2011.



Harvard University, Ph.D. (Economics), 2013

Harvard University, M.A. (Economics), 2011

Harvard Law School, S.J.D. (Doctorate in Law), 2011

Harvard Law School, LL.M. (Master of Laws) studies, 2007

Hebrew University, M.A. (Economics), 2005

Hebrew University, LL.B. (Law and Economics), 2002 


Representative Publications

Harm Displacement and Tort Doctrine (with Yotam Kaplan), Journal of Legal Studies 49: 73-101 (2020)

How would Judges Compose Judicial Panels? Theory and Evidence from the Supreme Court of Israel (with Israel Rosenberg), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 17: 317-341 (2020)

Theories of Tax Deductions: Income Measurement versus Efficiency, Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting 5: 107-136 (2020) 

Preferences for Criminal Justice Error Types: Theory and Evidence,  Journal of Legal Studies 48: 307-339 (2019)

The Regulation of Language, Journal of Law & Economics 61: 397-425 (2018)

The Economics of Rights: Does the Right to Counsel Increase Crime? (with Itai Ater and Oren Rigbi), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(2): 1-27 (2017)

A Theory of Whistleblower Rewards, Journal of Legal Studies 45: 43-72 (2016)

Googling a Free Lunch: The Taxation of Fringe Benefits, Tax Law Review 69: 275-309 (2016)

Organizational Structure, Police Activity and Crime (with Itai Ater and Oren Rigbi), Journal of Public Economics 115: 62-71 (2014)

Game Theory and the Structure of Administrative Law, University of Chicago Law Review 81: 481-518 (2014)

Legal Institutions and Social Values: Theory and Evidence from Plea Bargaining Regimes, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 11: 867–893 (2014)

Law, Economics, and Culture: Theory of Mandated Benefits and Evidence from Maternity Leave Policies (with Ugo Troiano), Journal of Law & Economics 55: 339-364 (2012)

Resolving Legal Uncertainty: The Unfulfilled Promise of Advance Tax Rulings, Virginia Tax Review 29: 137-175 (2009)


CV and List of Publications

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Prof. Claude Klein

Prof. Claude Klein

Edwin A. Goodman Chair in Public Law

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Claude Klein was born in Dijon, France in 1939. During the Second World War his family fled to Switzerland, returning to France after the war ended. In 1957 Klein began to study law and political science at the University of Strasbourg, where he completed bachelor’s and master’s degrees in both departments. Klein wrote his doctorate in law at the University of Strasbourg, graduating cum laude in 1965. In 1968 Klein immigrated to Israel and was appointed senior lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1982 he was appointed professor of public law, and in the years 1978-1981 he served as dean of the Faculty of Law. As part of his work at the Faculty, Klein taught courses in constitutional law and law and history. He is active in the International Association of Constitutional Law and has served as the association’s deputy president since 2006. In the past he also served as chairperson of the Israel Association for Public Law. 


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Prof. Shimon Shetreet

Prof. Shimon Shetreet

Greenblatt Professor of Public and International Law Public Law, Courts and Judges.

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Professor Shimon Shetreet is a Professor of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He holds the Greenblatt chair of public and international law and is the head of the Sacher Institute of Legislative Research and Comparative Law.

He has in recent years been Visiting Scholar at the New York University Global Law Program, Visiting Prof. at Case Western Reserve University School of Law , Senior Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies at the University of London .he has also been Visiting Prof of law at Tulane University and University of San Diego .

He was born in 1946 in Morocco and came to ISRAEL in 1949. He completed his education in Israel and in the US, earning an LL.B., 1968, and an LL.M., 1970, from the Hebrew University. And a Masters., 1971, and a Doctor’s degree in 1973 from the University of Chicago school of Law. He served as Visiting Professor at a number of Universities including NYU School of Law, Case Western Reserve University School of Law, University of Manitoba, Wuerzburg University, Germany and the University of San Diego and New York Law School of Law.

Prof. Shimon Shetreet began his legal career as Clerk to Mr. Justice Witkon of the Supreme Court of Israel, 1967. He was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association, 1969. He has appeared before the Supreme Court of Israel in a number of landmark cases; was Member of the Chief Justice Landau Commission on the Israeli Court System, 1980; was a Founder Secretary General of the Public Law Association (1987 - 1992); and a Judge on the Standard Contract Court (1981-88). He is President of the Israeli Chapter of the International Association of Constitutional Law.

Prof Shetreet published extensively all the years including when he was serving in high public offices. He is author and editor of a number of books, including "Judges on Trial" (1976), "Judicial Independence: The Contemporary Debate" (1985), "The Role of Courts in Society" (1988) , "National Security and Free Speech" (1991),"Pioneers in Tears: Anthology on North African Jewry" (1991) "Justice in Israel" (1994), "Women in Law"(1998), "The Good Land between Power and Religion" (1998),  "Law and Social Pluralism" (2002) and On Adjudication (2004 ), ". He is the author of numerous publications in legal journals in Israeli and overseas law reviews

Prof. Shetreet’s book Judges on Trial: A Study of the Appointment and the Accountability of the English Judiciary(1976) was relied upon by the House of Lords in the Pinochet Case in January 1999  and this and other works have also been relied upon as well  in  numerous Highest court cases in other countries Canada ,Australia ,New Zealand and India .

On the international level Professor Shetreet has been very active .He served as General Coordinator, International Bar association Project for Minimum Standards of Judicial Independence 1980-1982,Speaker ,General Rapporteur and Chairman in numerous legal international conferences of leading academic and professional organizations, including, International Bar Association , First World Conference on the Independence of Justice;  Congress of Comparative Law and  International Association  Association on Procedural Law.  

Prof Shetreet has held high public offices. Between 1988 and 1996 he served as Member of the Knesset the Israeli Parliament His Past Government Positions include a cabinet Minister in the Rabin Government wherw  he serve as Minister of Economy and Planning, Minister of Science and Technology, Minister in charge of the Second Television and Radio Authority and Minister of Religious Affairs In addition to his distinguished academic career and his public offices he also held high business positions including member of the board of Bank Leumi and Chairman of the Board of Mishaan.

Prof Shetreet comes from a religious family. He had his elementary studies in Jewish religious school and he also attended a Yeshiva in his youth years. When he was 13 he won the first Bible youth Contest in Israel. He pursued his scholarly interest in Bible studies .He was a permanent member of the Bible Study Group of scholars that was hosted by Prime Minister Menachem Begin for about three years. He delivered papers in this group on Ethics in Government in Biblical and Jewish Law, The Powers of the King to Confiscate Property in Biblical and Jewish Law and Freedom of Conscience in the Bible.

Prof Shetreet is married to Miri, a social worker, and they have four children.

Project Culture of Peace



International Project on Judicial independence 2006


International Standards of Judicial Independence: New Delhi, Montreal Declaration and Mt.Scopus Standards

Detailed report of the conferences of the international project of judicial Independence 1980-2012


International Association of Judicial Independence and World Peace


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