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Prof. Guy Pessach

Prof. Guy Pessach

Associate Professor
On Leave
Room 218

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LL.B, LL.D, Hebrew University


Representative Publications

“Law and the Politics of Memory, 48 HEBREW UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW – MISHPATIM (forthcoming, 2017)

“Beyond IP – The Cost of Free – Informational Capitalism in a Post IP Era”, 54 Osgoode Hall Law Review, 225-251 (2016)

“Some Realism about Copyright Skepticism”, 57 IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, 225-278 (2017)

 “Toward a New Jurisprudence of Copyright Exemptions”, 55 IDEA: The Intellectual Property Law Review, 287-318 (2015)

"Deconstructing Disintermediation – A Skeptical Copyright Perspective”, 33 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, 101-141 (2013)

The New Israeli Copyright Act – A Case-Study in Reverse Comparative law", 41 IIC - International Review of Industrial Property and Copyright Law (Max-Planck Institute Publications), 187-201 (2010)

"Reciprocal Share-Alike Exemptions in Copyright Law", 30 Cardozo Law Review, 101-150 (2008)

"[Networked] Memory Institutions: Social Remembering, Privatization and its Discontents", 26 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal, 71-149 (2008)

“Media, Markets, and Democracy: Revisiting an Eternal Triangle, Critical Notice: Media, Markets and Democracy by Edwin C. Baker”17 The Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence, 209-226 (2004)

"Copyright Law as a Silencing Restriction on Non-Infringing Materials – Unveiling the Scope of Copyright’s Diversity Externalities”, 76 University of Southern California Law Review, 1067-1104 (2003)


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