Volume 16

Volume XVI 
Part I

  • Judah Galinsky, Ashkenazim in Sefard: The Rosh and the Tur on the Codification of Jewish Law - 3
  • Ron S. Kleinman, Early Interpretations of the Bible and Talmud as a Reflection of Medieval Legal Realia - 25
  • Yechezkel Lichtenshtein, Suicide as an Act of Atonement in Jewish Law - 51
  • David Malkiel, The Burden of the Past in the Eighteenth Century: Authority, custom and Innovation in the Pahad Yitzhak - 93

Part II – Conference Papers

  • Hanina Ben-Menahem, Some Introductory Remarks on Genesis Rabbah and the Law - 135
  • Charles Donahue, Jr., Genesis in Western Canon Law - 155
  • Timothy D. Lytton, Due Process and Legal Authority in the Garden of Eden: Jurisprudence in Aggadic Midrash - 185

Part III – Chronicle

  • Martin Edelman, A Tale of Two Cultures: Conspicuous Religious Symbols in the Public Schools of France and the United States - 205
  • Daniel B. Sinclair, Jewish Law in the State of Israel - 221
  • A Rabbinical Court Decision Regarding a Dispute Over the Fate of Pre-Embryos
  • Kofin al Midat Sdom: Abuse of rights in Jewish Law
  • A Definite Rabbinical Court Decision on the Status of Civil Marriage

Part IV

  • Survey of Recent Literature - 245
  • Style Sheet - 253