Volume 14

Volume XIV 
Part I

  • Hanina Ben Menahem, Doubt, Choice and Conviction: A Comparison of the Kim Li Doctrine and Probablism - 3
  • Yitzchok A. Breitowitz, Halakhic Alternatives in IVF-Pregnancies: A Survey - 29
  • Irwin H. Haut, z"l, Recovery for Fright, Shock and Emotional Distress under Jewish Law and Some Comparisons to the Common Law - 121
  • David Henshke, Agency and Divorce Proceedings: On the Legal Methodology of Maimonides' Mishne Torah - 163
  • Ephraim Nissan, Review Article: Some Recent Work on Logic, Mathematics and Halakha - 259
  • Mair Raffeld, The Controversies of the Sages of Poland in the Sixteenth Century: A Chapter in the History of Jewish Law, Its General Rules and Methods of Decision-Making - 271
  • Bernard Septimus, Kings, Coinage and Constitutionalism: Notes on a Responsum of Nahmanides - 295
  • Michael Wygoda, On the Relationship Between the Capacity to Perform a Legal Task and the Capacity to Appoint an Agent to Perform - 315

Part II – Chronicle

  • Martin Edelman, "Something there is that doesn't Love a Wall" - 353
  • Daniel B. Sinclair, Jewish Law in Israel and Around the World - 367
  • The Validity of a gift made with the intention that it take effect only upon the donor's death
  • Does Showing films featuring Orthodox Jews on Shabat infringe their Basic Rights?
  • When one Life Overrides Another: Seperating Conjoined Twins in English and Jewish Law

Part III

  • Survey of Recent Literature - 389
  • Style Sheet - 403