• The only specific additional restriction provided in the 30 September 2020 amendment to the Temporary Provision Law, introducing a ‘Special State of Emergency due to Coronavirus’ (SSE),[1] was the exclusion of participation in a demonstration from the exceptional circumstances allowing individuals to distance themselves from home, so that participation in a demonstration would be permitted only within the same distance from home as any other activity.
  • The amendment contained a declaration of an SSE which remained in force until 13 September.[2] Since distancing from home was limited at the time to 1000 meters, the declaration effectively prohibited demonstrations at a distance of more than 1000 meters from one’s home. On 4 April 2021 the Supreme Court sitting as High Court of Justice ruled that the restrictions on distancing from the home for the purpose of demonstration was disproportionate and therefore unconstitutional.[3]

[1] Special Powers for Combatting the New Coronavirus Regulations (Temporary Provision), 2020 (Amendment No 2) (30 September 2020)

[3] HCJ 5469/20 National Responsibility – Israel my Home v Government of Israel (4 April 2021),