Law and Philosophy Forum

The Law and Philosophy Forum at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem facilitates intellectual interaction between faculty members and students in various academic units within the university whose academic interests lie in the areas where philosophy and legal scholarship intersect.

The members of the forum include faculty members from the Faculty of Law, the Philosophy Department (in the Faculty of the Humanities) and the Political Science Department (in the Faculty of Social Sciences). The forum collaborates on a regular basis with the Centre for Ethics and Political Philosophy (at the Philosophy Department) and the Jerusalem Forum for Political Philosophy (at the Political Science Department). Together, the group of the Forum members comprises a research force of the highest quality, by international as well as Israeli standards.

Forum Members (at the Faculty of Law): David Enoch; Leora Dahan Katz; Dana Gur; Alon Harel; Ori Herstein; Ofer Malcai; Ram Rivlin; Re'em Segev.

The activity of the Forum includes conferences, workshops and courses. Previous guests in these academic events include: Vincent Chiao, Julia Driver, Antony Duff, Liz Emens, David Estlund, Barbara Herman, John Finnis, Chaim Gans, John Gardner, Ruth Gavison, James Griffin, Scott Hershovitz, Iwao Hirose, Douglas Husak, Richard Kraut, Will Kymlicaka, Rae Langton, Judith Lichtenberg, Elinor Mason, Jeff McMahan, John Mikhail, Michael Otsuka, Japa Pallikkathayil, David Plunkett, Joseph Raz, Daniel Statman, Saul Smilansky, Andrew Sepielli, Holy Smith, Victor Tadros, Larry Temkin, Ruth Weinraub, Gideon Yaffe, and Michael Zimmerman.

The forum allocates the Law & Philosophy Prize for excellent papers written by students in the area of philosophy and law.


The Forum benefits from the generous support of the Greene Foundation.