Law, Economic and Empirical Legal Studies Workshop

The law and economics forum organizes the research and teaching activity in the faculty in the field of the economic analysis of law. The forum functions as an intellectual cross roads in which scholars from different fields including law, economics, psychology, philosophy, psychology and political science can meet and discuss their work. The activity of the forum includes, among other things, a workshop in which faculty members and students discuss current work in the field, and international conferences that deal with specific topics in depth. The forum supports several graduate students each year that dedicate their time to research.
The law and economics forum is supported by generous donations from:
  • The Milton Handler Foundation
  • The Avraham Herman Foundation
The faculty members who are actively engaged in the activity of the forum are: 

Law and Economics Workshop Meetings

Wednesday 16:30-18:00, Room 357

Workshop coordinator: Dr. Adi Leibovitch.

 24 October, 2018, Prof. Michal Barzuza, University of Virginia, "Long Term Bias"

 31 October, 2018, Dr. Tal Jonathan-Zamir, Hebrew University, "The Proclivity to Rely on Professional Experience and Evidence-Based Policing: Findings from a Survey of High-Ranking Officers in the Israel National Police"

 7 November, 2018, Prof. Bernard Black, Northwestern University, "The Deterrent Effect of Tort Law: Evidence from Medical Malpractice Reform"

 14 Novermber, 2018, Prof. Avi Bell, Bar-Ilan University,  "A SALVAGE RIGHT IN PROPERTY"

 21 November, 2018, Adv. Nevine Emmanuel, Haifa university, "PUNISHMENT AS PRIZE: THE CASE OF CONDITIONAL IMPRISONMENT"

 28 November, 2018, Prof. Ariel Porat, Tel-Aviv University, "Inducing Negligence"

 5 December, 2018, Prof. John Rappaport, University of Chicago, “Is Police Behavior Getting Worse? The Importance of Data in Measuring Police Conduct”

 12 December, 2018, Prof. Lee Epstein, Washington University in St. Louis., "Taming Uncivil Discourse"

 19 December, 2018, Prof. Nuno Garoupa, George Mason University, "Drawing the Legal Family Tree: An Empirical Comparative Study of 108 Property Doctrines in 154 Jurisdictions"

 26 December, 2018, Prof. Gideon Parchomovsky, Hebrew University, "Third Party Moral Hazard"

 2 January, 2019, Prof. Kate Litvak, Northwestern University,  "When Assets Go Home at Night: The Effect of Labor Mobility on Firms’ Financial Decisions"  

 9 January, 2019, Prof. Marc Thommen, University of Zurich