Law, Economic and Empirical Legal Studies Workshop

The law and economics forum organizes the research and teaching activity in the faculty in the field of the economic analysis of law. The forum functions as an intellectual cross roads in which scholars from different fields including law, economics, psychology, philosophy, psychology and political science can meet and discuss their work. The activity of the forum includes, among other things, a workshop in which faculty members and students discuss current work in the field, and international conferences that deal with specific topics in depth. The forum supports several graduate students each year that dedicate their time to research.
The law and economics forum is supported by generous donations from:
  • The Milton Handler Foundation
  • The Avraham Herman Foundation
The faculty members who are actively engaged in the activity of the forum are: 

Law and Economics Workshop Meetings

Monday 14:30-16:00, Room 119

Workshop coordinators: Prof. Doron Teichman and Dr. Adi Leibovitch.
October 30 –Dr. Keren Weinshall Margel (Hebrew University), "Equal in the Eyes of the Law? Pro-Plaintiff Cost Shifting in Civil Procedures"
November 6 - Dr. Joshua Guetzkow (Hebrew University), ״Plea Bargaining and the Miscarriage of Justice״ 
November 13 – Prof. Oren Bar-Gill (Harvard law School),  ״Algorithmic Price Discrimination״
November 20 – Prof. Yuval Feldman (Bar-Ilan University),  "The ethical perils of codes of conduct written in a personal, informal language"
November 27 – Prof. Andreas Glöckner (Hagen University), ״Defendant Should Have the Last Word: Experimentally Manipulating Order and Provisional Assessment of the Facts in Criminal Procedure״
Decemver 4 – Dr. Tamar Kricheli-Katz (Tel-Aviv University), "Are All Types of Discrimination Created Equal?"
December 11 – Prof. Ronen Avraham (Tel-Aviv University), "Ex-ante and Ex-post Approaches in the Rulings of the Israeli Supreme Court"
December 18 – Prof. Ian Ayres (Yale Law School), "Alpha Duties: The Search For Excess Returns and Appropriate Fiduciary Duties"
January 1 – Prof. Lisa Bernstein (The University of Chicago Law School),  "Revisiting the Maghribi Traders (Again): A Social Network and Relational Contracting Perspective"
January 8 – Prof. Katherine Litvak (Northwestern University Law School), ״The Glass Cliff: Are Women Disproportionately Appointed to Run Troubled Firms?״
January 15 – Prof. Jesse Fried (Harvard Law School), ״Short-Termism and Capital Flows״
January 22 -  Dr. Netta Barak-Corren (Hebrew University),  ״Social Impact Discrimination: Religious Communities and the Regulation of Liberal Risk״