Private and Commercial Law Workshop

Date: Semester 2, Monday, Monday, 14:30-16:00, Room 119.

Workshop coordinator: Prof. Eyal Zamir
Contact: Tel: (02) 02-5823845, (s) 0524-510121;

General Description

The Faculty’s Private and commercial Law workshop focuses on research in these areas. In each meeting, a draft article or book chapter will be presented by its author, followed by  an extended Q&A session. The papers offer a broad array of perspectives on private and commercial legal issues, including doctrinal, comparative, historical, and interdisciplinary (such as economic, psychological, and feminist).


Private and Commercial Law Workshop Meetings

11.3 – Opening meeting

18.3 – Gideon Parchomovsky –Third Party Moral Hazard (with Peter Siegelman) 

25.3 – Tom Baker – The Rise of Insurance Runoff:  Uncertainty Sinks for the Insurance Business

1.4 – Roy Shapira – Mandatory Arbitration and the Market for Reputation

8.4 – Celia Fassberg – The Public in Private International Law

15.4 – Moran Ofir – Piercing the Corporate Veil: Some Misfits between Theory and Practice

29.4 – Katya Assaf – Work, Identity, and the Regulation of Markets: A Study of Trademark Law in the U.S. and Germany (with Lisa Herzog)

6.5 – Adi Libzon – All-in: Tax Benefits for Corporate Governance Engagements" (with Gideon Parchomovsky)

13.5 – Amir Licht – Shareholdersand Stakeholders around the World: The Role of Values, Culture, and Law in Directors’ Decisions (with Renee Adams)

20.5 – אדם חפרי – The Statutory Liberalization of Trust Law: its Distribution in Time and Space across 140 Jurisdictions

27.5 – Michal Shur-Ofry –Collective Action and Social Contagion: Community Gardens as a Case Study (with Ofer Malcai)

10.6 – Benny Porat  –  שומת נזקי גוף: היבטים חלוקתיים

24.6 – Shahar Dillbary – Multiple Causes, Stacked Inferences and Hidden Contracts