Private and Commercial Law Workshop

Date: Semester 2, Monday, Monday, 15:00-16:30.

Workshop coordinator: Prof. Eyal Zamir
Contact: Tel: (02) 02-5823845, (s) 0524-510121;

General Description

The Faculty’s Private and commercial Law workshop focuses on research in these areas. In each meeting, a draft article or book chapter will be presented by its author, followed by  an extended Q&A session. The papers offer a broad array of perspectives on private and commercial legal issues, including doctrinal, comparative, historical, and interdisciplinary (such as economic, psychological, and feminist).


Private and Commercial Law Workshop Meetings

March 23 – Opening meeting – זמיר, על המחקר המשפטי האינטגרטיבי

March 30 – Katya Assaf – Reading the Illegible: Can Law Understand Graffiti?

April 20 – Sharon Ahakargi – TBD

April 27 – Ayelet Gordon – Regulation of the Sharing Economy

May 4 – Yehuda Adar – גמירת דעת ומסוימות - הילכו שתיים בנפרד?

May 11 – Gideon Parchomovski -Preliminary Damages

May 18 – Ofer Tur-Sinai – א.ש.י.ר. חוגגת עשרים—מחקר אמפירי

May 25 – Netta Barak-Corren – A License to Discriminate? The Market Response to Masterpiece Cakeshop

June 1 – Ittai Paldor – עילת הקשירה בדיני התחרות: היבטים קוגניטיביים והתנהגותיים

June 8 – Ronit Levine-Schnur – Left to their Own Devices: An Empirical Examination of the Effect of State-Empowering Court Decision on Eminent-Domain Exercises in New York City

June 15 – Adam Hofri – פרקים נבחרים מהפירוש לחוק הנאמנות

June 22 – Fabiana Di-Porto – From Best Available Disclosures" (BADs) to "Best Ever Disclosures" (BEDs)

June 29 – Yonathan Arbel – Payday


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