Prof. Yehonatan Givati

Yehonatan Givati
Sylvan M. Cohen Chair in Law
Room 214

Professor Yehonatan Givati is the Sylvan M. Cohen professor at Hebrew University Law School. He is a member of Hebrew University's Center for the Study of Rationality.

His scholarly interest lies in the area of economic analysis of law. His work is both theoretical and empirical. He applies the tools of law and economics to three main areas of law: tax law, law enforcement, and administrative law and regulation. He has also published in the areas of private law and judicial behaviour. He received a PHD from the Economics Department at Harvard University in 2013, and an SJD from Harvard Law School in 2011.



Harvard University, Ph.D. (Economics), 2013

Harvard University, M.A. (Economics), 2011

Harvard Law School, S.J.D. (Doctorate in Law), 2011

Harvard Law School, LL.M. (Master of Laws) studies, 2007

Hebrew University, M.A. (Economics), 2005

Hebrew University, LL.B. (Law and Economics), 2002 


Representative Publications

Harm Displacement and Tort Doctrine (with Yotam Kaplan), Journal of Legal Studies 49: 73-101 (2020)

How would Judges Compose Judicial Panels? Theory and Evidence from the Supreme Court of Israel (with Israel Rosenberg), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 17: 317-341 (2020)

Theories of Tax Deductions: Income Measurement versus Efficiency, Journal of Law, Finance, and Accounting 5: 107-136 (2020) 

Preferences for Criminal Justice Error Types: Theory and Evidence,  Journal of Legal Studies 48: 307-339 (2019)

The Regulation of Language, Journal of Law & Economics 61: 397-425 (2018)

The Economics of Rights: Does the Right to Counsel Increase Crime? (with Itai Ater and Oren Rigbi), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy 9(2): 1-27 (2017)

A Theory of Whistleblower Rewards, Journal of Legal Studies 45: 43-72 (2016)

Googling a Free Lunch: The Taxation of Fringe Benefits, Tax Law Review 69: 275-309 (2016)

Organizational Structure, Police Activity and Crime (with Itai Ater and Oren Rigbi), Journal of Public Economics 115: 62-71 (2014)

Game Theory and the Structure of Administrative Law, University of Chicago Law Review 81: 481-518 (2014)

Legal Institutions and Social Values: Theory and Evidence from Plea Bargaining Regimes, Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 11: 867–893 (2014)

Law, Economics, and Culture: Theory of Mandated Benefits and Evidence from Maternity Leave Policies (with Ugo Troiano), Journal of Law & Economics 55: 339-364 (2012)

Resolving Legal Uncertainty: The Unfulfilled Promise of Advance Tax Rulings, Virginia Tax Review 29: 137-175 (2009)


CV and List of Publications