International Law Forum

What is the International Law Forum?

The International Law Forum is an academic center devoted to the more effective development of international law and policy, by supporting experts and scholars in the field. Since its establishment in 2004, the Forum has sought to provide a medium through which outstanding research, review, public debate, and the widespread dissemination of international law issues could be pursued. 


What are the Forums' Goals?

The Forum aims to facilitate the assembly and dissemination of information pertinent to current developments in International Law. Other activities of the Forum aim to improve the manner in which international law is interpreted, and subsequently utilized by States, from within their domestic spheres.


Forum Activities

In pursuit of its goals, the Forum actively engages interested academics, advanced students, government officials, lawyers and NGO activists from both Israel and abroad, and brings them together in one location to present their research findings and opinions.
The Forums' current range of activities includes:
  1. Weekly seminars: In the seminars, research papers are presented and recent developments in international law are discussed. The program for the coming Semester is available here.
  2. Year in Review: The Forum organizes an annual meeting that aims to discuss the major developments in international law in the passing year. 
  3. International conferences: The Forum organizes conferences  and symposiums on key international law issues and developments. See here to find out more about the next conference. 
  4. Research projects: The Forum initiates the establishment of specific study groups in order to study in-depth specific international law issues. 
  5. Student Activities: such as local and international moot court competitions are co-ordinated through the Forum. Fantastic opportunities to apply for scholarships, or internships with international tribunals may also be advertised. See here.
  6. Publications: The Forum publishes online research papers on international law issues. You can view these papers on the award winning Social Science Research Network site, otherwise known as SSRN. See

Prominent Israeli guest speakers at Forum events have included senior government officials from the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Israeli Supreme Court President, the Israeli Attorney General, and the Israeli Defence Force Advocate General. The regular presence of speakers of this caliber, emphasizes both the size and quality of the Forum, and illustrates one of the many ways in which the Forum encourages interdisciplinary communication- making it an excellent interface between the Israeli and global community, and a vibrant, up-to-date centre from which to disseminate new concepts and information on International Law. 

By engaging scholars from both Israel and abroad, the Forum has established itself as a focal point for research work undertaken worldwide. In 2008-2009 the Forum aims to expand on and secure the services it provides by strengthening its administration and establishing a permanent legal clinic focused on International Law.


Meetings' Program 2018-2019

The meetings of the International Law Forum in the coming semester will take place on Tuesdays, 14:30-16:00 at the teachers' seminar room (room 119) in the Faculty of Law. Reading materials will be distributed in advance prior to each meeting. Each meeting will begin by a short presentation by the speaker, followed by a round-table discussion. All meetings will be conducted in English. The meetings' program (which is subject to changes – to be announced in advance) is as follows:   

1st Semester

Date Speakers



Prof. Malcolm N. Shaw

Opening Session:

Provisional Measures before the International Court of Justice: Where are We Headed?


Prof. Joel Trachtman

Cyber Security International Law to Protect

Civilians from Foreign Governments in Peacetime.



Updates on Developments in International Law.


Mr. Raphael Schaefer

International Law’s Historiographical Turn and the

Reading of History.


Prof. Yuval Shany

Duelling for Supremacy: International Law and

Israeli Law



Year in Review in International Law - Annual Conference.


Dr. Ruvi Ziegler

Political Rights of "Aliens".


Dr. Doreen Lustig

Codifying the Laws of War to Uphold Empire 1856-1874.

2st Semester


Adv. Yuval Kaplinsky

Extradition Challenges - Can Expulsion be an Alternative?


Prof. Moshe Hirsch

Cognitive Sociology and Coping with Racial Discrimination in International Law



Prof. Eyal Benvenisti

Codifying the Laws of War to Uphold Empire 1856-1874


Prof. Andrea Bjorklund

Foreign Investors’ Responsibilities and Contributory Fault in Investment Arbitration


Updates Meeting:

Mr. Yahly Shershevski

Adv. Tal Mimran


Use of force by the IDF in the Gaza Border

Home Demolitions Policy 


Prof. Rob Howse

State Responsibility for the Impact of Terrorism on Foreign Investors: the Ampal v. Egypt Dispute 


Prof. Andrea Bianchi

The Unbearable Lightness of International Law



hope to see you all at the meetings!


We thank the following funds for their generous support:
Dr. Emilio von Hofmannsthal Fund
Hersch Lauterpacht Fund
Bruce W. Wayne Chair Fund