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The Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem is the oldest law school in Israel.  Established in 1949, the Faculty is the alma mater of almost all the Justices on the Supreme Court of Israel, and among its alumni are many of Israel’s most prominent legal academics, Attorneys-General, senior government officials and representatives and practicing lawyers.  Initially housed in the buildings of the Ratisbonne Monastery in the center of Jerusalem, the Faculty of Law was one of the first academic units to be relocated after the Six Day War in the historic buildings of the Hebrew University campus on Mount Scopus.  This complex, including the original building of Israel’s National Library has served as the home of the Faculty ever since.  The Faculty’s Bernard G. Segal Law Library is the largest law library in Israel containing some 300,000 volumes (80,000 titles) and holds several unique collections of Jewish, Israeli, Roman law and the philosophy of Law.

Today, the Faculty is composed of about 40 full-time professors, 150 adjunct professors and over 50 instructors.  The Faculty also welcomes a significant number of visiting professors and scholars from abroad who spend time at the Hebrew University teaching and carrying out research.  The result is a dynamic curriculum spanning all the major areas of law, offering our students a broad variety of law-related and interdisciplinary subjects.

The Faculty admits about 250 LL.B. students each year (for a four year program).  About 140 graduate (LL.M.) students and 55 doctoral (LL.D.) students in law are currently studying at the Faculty, and join about 115 M.A. And 20 Ph.D. students in the Institute of Criminology.  The Faculty encourages its students to broaden their formal legal education by taking joint degrees, interdisciplinary courses and practical courses in clinics offering services to disadvantaged communities in Jerusalem.   In addition we encourage our students to conduct part of their legal education abroad and have a well-developed network and programs for international collaboration and student exchanges with law schools around the globe (CTLS, London, University of Lyon France, University of Trento Italy, University of ESADEBarcelona Spain, University of Zurich. Swiss, Aarhus University Denmark, University of RotterdamHolland, Monash University Australia, Georgetown University U.S.A. Stanford University U.S.A, UCLAUniversity, NUS -National University of Singapore, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, The University of Hong-Kong, University of Lucern, Luzern, University of Passau, Germany and Renmin University, China.

The Faculty of Law strives for excellence in research at an international level.  Many of our Faculty members have advanced degrees from leading foreign universities and all spend time teaching or conducting research abroad.  Research at the Hebrew University has a theoretical and interdisciplinary focus, and scholarly work produced by our Faculty figures prominently in leading legal journals and publishing houses.  Members of the Faculty are actively involved in broader University interdisciplinary centers such as the Center for the Study of Rationality and the European Forum.  The Faculty itself has also established a variety of legal and interdisciplinary research forums:  the European Law Forum, Intellectual Property Law and Technology Forum, Labour Law and Social Security Forum, Law and Philosophy Forum, Law and Economics Forum, Legal History Forum, Public Law Forum., the Institute for Jewish Law, the Minerva Center for Human Rights and the Intellectual Property Law Forumthe Aharon Barak Center for Interdisciplinary Legal Research..  The Faculty of Law is also the home of the Hebrew University’s Institute of Criminology and the fruitful collaboration of lawyers and criminologists is reflected, among other things, in the Jerusalem Criminal Justice Study Group (Crime Group).

The Faculty of Law
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905

Fax numbers:
Dean’s Office: +972-2-582-3042
Library:  +972-2-582-2895


The Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem maintains exchange programs with law faculties abroad, providing students registered in partner universities an opportunity to study in English in our Faculty for a semester.  This option is unfortunately not open to students that are not registered in one of our partner universities.  Please check your status with your institution.  Such students are advised to contact the Rothberg International School and register through Rothberg. Student may take courses offered by our Faculty.

Our University and its Law Faculty are both world-renown in research and teaching.  More than forty members of faculty and countless graduates have contributed to the study of law and linked disciplines, and we are constantly developing new areas of teaching and research.  Our exchanges provide visiting students the access to a vibrant and exciting community, coupled with the experience of visiting and living in Israel and Jerusalem.

Although most of the courses are conducted in Hebrew, we offer a good set of courses in the English language.  Our courses consists of 1 credit, 2 credits and 3 credits courses (2 Israeli credits are equivalent to 3 ECTS and 3 Israeli credits are equivalent to 2 US or Australian credits.

Our teaching program in English is developed in conjunction with the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University.  The Rothberg International School is a well established academic school within the Hebrew University which offers an impressive number of academic programs to more than 1,300 students annually.  Many of these students are one year or one semester students.  This welcome collaboration offers the students participating in the exchange with the Faculty of Law a broad choice of subjects that pertain to law, as well as a chance to participate in the social activities of the Rothberg School (for a small fee) in addition to the activities we will plan from within our Faculty (meetings, participation in our clinics, etc.).  The Rothberg School also offers pre-semester and summer language courses – a chance to study some Hebrew before the beginning of the academic year.

The Rothberg International School is happy to accept participation in its other undergraduate courses, all of which are listed on their website.

There is sufficient dormitory space for all overseas students in the new Student Village, a newly opened modern facility within walking distance of the Campus.

For additional information and queries please contact:

Prof. Guy Harpaz, Senior Lecturer, Academic Advisor , Exchange Programs –
Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus, Jerusalem 91905, Israel
Ms. Shanie Rabinowitz, Administrative Coordinator
Tel: +972-2-588-2557, Fax: + 972-2-582-3042

The Rothberg International School, The Hebrew University
Note:  Ulpan pre-semester program (Hebrew language intensive course) is open to all interested students, for a fee paid to the Rothberg School.
See Rothberg International School website: