LL.M. with specialization in International Law and Human Rights


The LL.M specialization in International Law and Human Rights program offers a rich, advanced course of study in areas for which Hebrew University Law School is internationally renowned. 

The program offers students a rich variety of specialized courses in the main fields of international law – international organizations, conflict resolution, the laws of war, immigration law, international criminal law etc. – and in key areas of human rights law – including multiculturalism, human rights and counter-terrorism and transitional justice.

Our outstanding faculty, comprised of top academics and practitioners, teaches our courses.   including past and present legal advisors to international organizations, members of international expert bodies, government and NGO lawyers such as the UN and the ICRC, and leading academics from Israel and abroad (including Prof. Malcolm Shaw – author of the world’s leading text book in international law).

The program is taught in Jerusalem, a city with a rich history of peace and conflict. The program offers a unique experience to aspiring academics, lawyers and employees in the governmental and non-governmental sector.



Admission Requirements

The LL.M. programs in English are open to law school graduates holding an LL.B or J.D degree who have a good command of English. Candidates are selected based on their law school grades, letters of recommendation and past academic work. For a full list of Admissions Regulations please click here.

Candidates who did not previously study at an educational institution where the language of instruction is English must submit official TOEFL scores or IELTS. The minimum TOEFL score required is 95 on the Internet-based test. The minimum IELTS score is 7. The minimum Psychometric English subsection /Amiram exam score is 134. The minimum Amir exam score is 234. Lear more on how to meet English proficiency requirements here.


Course of Study

The LL.M. programs consist of 36 credits taken over two consecutive semesters, including four core courses, a workshop, seminars, electives courses and background courses. In addition, students may choose to submit an LL.M. thesis. Students who register for the thesis track need to complete 32 credits. 


Tuition is $16,000. This includes extracurricular activities and health insurance. Accommodations in the dorms are an additional cost.

Scholarships and stipends are available to qualified students. Please contact Ms. Shanie Rabinowitz, program coordinator for more information: shaniebe@savion.huji.ac.il

Additional scholarships available:

  • MASA - For more information please see here.
  • Rothberg International School - The International programs, held in conjunction with Rothberg International School, offer a variety of scholarships to qualified candidates. For more information please see here.


The HU Faculty of Law is not only distinguished and comprised of top legal scholars, but also, each faculty member takes time to be hands-on with their students and their studies. While attending the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, there was always an educational event to participate in. From conferences and seminars with visiting professors to extracurricular activities, there was never a dull moment.

Living in Jerusalem was a life-changing experience. As Jerusalem is deemed the Holy City, you will find yourself surrounded by an immense amount of history and historical sites. Additionally, you will be exposed to various cultures that may differ from your own. Some of my best memories resulted from getting lost within the quarters of the Old City. Jerusalem truly is one of a kind! 

Brittany Ferringo

Brittany Ferringo

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