Dr. Ram Rivlin

Ram Rivlin
Room 202

Ram Rivlin is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He writes and teaches primarily on theoretical and practical aspects of family law, including contexts in which family law meets private and commercial law (e.g. distribution of marital property, or estate planning); On the interaction between law and religion; And on various issues in which philosophical analysis is relevant to law, in family law and beyond (such as questions about coercion and consent). Ram's research has been supported by various research grants (such as the Israel Science Foundation grant and the GIF Foundation grant), and he has won various awards (such as the Rothschild Prize and the Fulbright Fellowship)Prior to joining the Hebrew University, Ram was a visiting researcher at New York University School of Law, and a fellow at the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Tel Aviv University. 

During 2021-2022 Ram is on sabbatical at UC Berkeley. 



Hebrew University, Faculty of Law:  LL.D. (2011), LL.M (2004), LL.B (Law and Philosophy, 2002)


Representative publications

The Morality of Get-Threats: Withholding Divorce as Extortion, 18 ICON - International Journal of Constitutional Law  849 (2020).

Fairness in Allocations of Parental Responsibilities, and the Limits of Law, 33 Canadian Journal of Law & Jurisprudence 397 (2020).

Reasonable Self-Doubt, 15 Criminal Law and Philosophy 25 (2021) (with Ofer Malcai). 

The Puzzle of Intra-Familial Commodification, 67 UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LAW JOURNAL 68 (2017).

Religious Norms Between Ethics and Law: The Death and Afterlife of Jewish Divorce Law, 4 OXFORD JOURNAL OF LAW AND RELIGION 469 (2015).

Blackmail, Subjectivity and Culpability, 28 CANADIAN JOURNAL OF LAW & JURISPRUDENCE 399 (2015).