Dr. Katya Zakharov-Assaf

Katya Assaf
Senior Lecturer
Room 211


1996-2000 – The Hebrew University, Faculty of Law, LL.B

2000-2002 – The Hebrew University, Faculty of Law, LL.M

graduated with honors

2003-2006 – Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Faculty of Law, Ph.D. (Supervisor: Reto M. Hilty)

graduated summa cum laude

won Law Faculty Prize at Ludwig Maximilian University

won Otto Hahn Medal, an academic award granted by the Max Planck Society


 Representative Publications

The Dilution of Culture and the Law of Trademarks, 49 IDEA 1-83 (2008)

Brand Fetishism, 43 Connecticut Law Review 83-148 (2010)

Magical Thinking in Trademark Law, 37 Law & Social Inquiry 595-625 (2012)

Capitalism against Freedom, 38 NYU Review of Law & Social Change 201-268 (2014)

Buying Goods and Doing Good: Trademarks and Social Competition, 67 Alabama Law Review 100-139 (2016)

Of Patents and Cobras: Changing the Incentive Structure of Patent Law, 35 Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal 1 (2017)