Dr. Einat Albin

Einat Albin
Room 203


ll.b – faculty of law and school of political science, Hebrew University.

ll.m – faculty of law, Tel-Aviv University, special program of law, society and politics. Cum Laude.

DPhil, faculty of law, University of Oxford.


Representative Publications

Einat Albin, ‘Labour Law in a Service World’ (2010) 73(6) The Modern Law Review 959.

Einat Albin, ‘A Worker-Employer-Customer Triangle: The Case of Tips’ (2011) 40(2) ILJ 181.

Einat Albin, ‘From Domestic Servant to Domestic Worker’ J Fudge, S McCrystal & K Sankaran (eds) Challenging the Legal Boundaries of Work Regulation (Onati series, Hart, 2012).

Einat Albin and Virginia Mantouvalou, ‘The ILO Convention on Domestic Workers: From the Shadows to the Light’ (2012) 41(1) ILJ 67.

Ron Harris & Einat Albin, ‘Bankruptcy Policy in Light of Manipulation in Credit Advertising’ (2006) 7(2) Theoretical Inquiries in Law 431.

Einat Albin, 'Union Responsibility to Migrant Workers: A Global Justice Approach' (2014) 34(1) OJLS 133.

Einat Albin, and Jeremias Prassl, 'Fragmenting Work, Fragmented Regulation: The Contract of Employment as a Driver of Social Exclusion' in MR Freedland et al (eds) The Contract of Employment (OUP, Oxford 2016).

Einat Albin, 'From Required and Unlimited Intimacy to Troubling Forcefulness: The Case of Domestic Workers' (2016) 39 Iyunei Mishpat Tel-Aviv University Law Review, 369 (Hebrew)

Einat Albin, 'Customer Domination at Work: A New Paradigm for the Sexual Harassment of Employees by Customers' (forthcoming Michigan Journal of Gender and Law 2018)

Einat Albin, 'Social Inclusion for Labour Law: Meeting Particular Scales of Justice' [forthcoming in Virginia Mantouvalou, Hugh Collins and Gillian Lester (eds) Philosophical Foundations of Labour Law (OUP 2018)].