Adjunct Lecturers

hadas aharoni barak

Dr. Hadas Aharoni-Barak
Room 203
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2012 LLD Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
2007 LLM Bar-Ilan University
2006 LLB Bar-Ilan University
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Prof. Avi Domb

School of Pharmacy
Institute of Criminology, Faculty of Law
Lionel Jacobson Prof. in Medicinal Chemistry
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PhD chemistry


BSc Chemistry

B. Pharm.

Diploma-Polymers & Textile

Diploma-Business Administration

Representative Publications

1. Levinson J and Domb A. Disaster Victim Identification In Israel: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach.  Anil Aggrawal's Internet Journal of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 2013, 14(2), 1-18.

2. J. Levinson; K. Nahon; A. Domb, Biometric Identification: A Benefit-Risk Analysis of Israeli Applications, PACT 2014, 11.

3. S Farah, KR Kunduru, T Tsach, A Bentolila, AJ Domb, Forensic comparison of synthetic fibers, Polym. Adv. Tech., 2015

4. A.J. Domb, The Field of Forensic Evidence-Future Prospective, Israel Police, 2011. Pp 300.

5. S Farah, T Tsach, A Bentolila, AJ Domb, Morphological, spectral and chromatography analysis and forensic comparison of PET fibers, Talanta 123, 54-62, 2014.



Full List of Publications

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Eliezer Rivlin

Prof. Eliezer Rivlin

Associate Professor of the Practice
Room 217

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L.L.b Law

LL.M. Law


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Robbie Sabel

Prof. Robbie Sabel

Associate Professor of the Practice

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Carmel College, Wallingford Berks, England.

Hebrew Gymnasia, Jerusalem Israel.

L.L.B., L.L.M, Ph.D., Hebrew University Jerusalem.


Representative Publications

PROCEDURE IN INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCES, (Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition forthcoming 2018).

INTERNATIONAL LAW, with Yaël Ronen, (Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University Jerusalem, 3rd edition 2016).


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