Community-University Partnerships in Conflict Zones

Community-University Partnerships in Conflict Zones, Jerusalem, March 4, 2010
In spring, a second study day for the 2009/10 academic year was held at Beit Breter, at the Givat Ram Campus of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The day focused on campus-community partnerships in conflict zones, hosting Dr. Juliet Millican of the University of Brighton, who has worked extensively in community development, community education and higher education in Europe, India and parts of Africa. Most recently she has worked with students in Bosnia and Herzegovina setting up learning opportunities across ethnic divides. Dr. Millican now works as development director for student community engagement with theCommunity University Partnership Program (CUPP). She spoke about what community-university partnerships might offer to societies undergoing or recovering from conflict. In the second part of the day Prof. Ariella Friedman facilitated a workshop about the personal, the academic, and the political. The day provided a forum for mutual exchange and learning about the role of the academy in a conflicted society, and how community engagement can work across divides.