Campus-Community Partnership

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The Campus-Community Partnership was established to promote the mutual commitment of institutions of higher education, students, and the community - to act for social justice and human rights in Israeli society. The Partnership, hosted by the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, serves all institutions of higher education in the state of Israel.

Community and Youth, Edmond J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram.



We act to:

  • Engage Israeli institutions of higher education with the pressing social issues of the day;
  • Develop the intellectual and social change capabilities of a new generation of Jewish and Arab students who will go on to become active citizens and leaders for social change in their communities;
  • Bring academic knowledge into deeper engagement with community organizations.

We integrate the resources and capabilities of students, faculty members, institutions of higher education and social change organizations by:

  • Encouraging institutions of higher education to develop a policy of social engagement;
  • Supporting faculty members in developing community-engaged courses ("service learning courses") that combine theoretical study with student internships in community organizations;
  • Organizing workshops, seminars and conferences to exchange, develop and disseminate knowledge and experience regarding community-engaged learning and campus-community partnerships.

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