Prof. Margit Cohn

Margit Cohn
Associate Professor
Henry J. and Fannie Harkavy Chair in Comparative Law
Room 205


LLD, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2001).


Representative publications

1. Margit Cohn, “What is left of ‘Common Law’ Administrative Law? Concluding Remarks and a Layout of Future Paths”, in Swati Jhaveri and Michael Ramsden (eds.), Indigenizing Administrative Law in Common Law Systems (Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2019-2020).

2. Margit Cohn, “Comparative Public Law Research in Israel: A Gaze Westwards”, 14 Asian Journal of Comparative Law S11-S27 (2019).

3. Margit Cohn, ““Twenty Years After”: Thoughts on Common Understandings in the Proportionality Discourse”, 19 Mishpat U’Mimshal 229-270 (2018) (in Hebrew).

4. Margit Cohn, “When, and Where, Does History Begin? Collective Memory, Selective Amnesia, and the Treatment of Asylum Seekers in Israel”, 2017 University of Illinois Law Review 563-607 (2017).

5. Margit Cohn, “Tension and Legality: Towards a Theory of the Executive Branch”, 29 Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 321-350 (2016).

6. Margit Cohn, “Non-Statutory Powers in Three Regimes: Assessing Global Constitutionalism in a Structural-Institutional Context”, 64 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 65-102 (2015).