Adv. Tammy Katsabian

Tammy  Katsabian

Tammy Katsabian has an L.L.M degree from Yale Law School and Tel-Aviv University (cum laude) and an L.L.B degree from Bar Ilan University (cum laude). Her fields of interest are Women's Rights and Law and Social Change. Alongside to her studies at the PhD program,  Tammy is the executive director of the Clinical Legal Education Center at the Hebrew University.

During her studies at Bar Ilan University, Tammy had worked as a research assistant for Prof. Ruth Halperin-Kaddari and Dr. Yifat Holzman Gazit, in the areas of Feminism and Law. In order to acquire her lawyer license, Tammy trained for a year in the law department in the Association for Civil Right's in Israel (ACRI), focusing her legal-work on women's rights and socio-economic rights. Her LL.M degree at Tel Aviv University was at the course of "Law, Society and Politics". Her thesis work focused on everyday forms of resistance at the local labor court. 

Previous to her studies at Yale Law School, Tammy had worked as a lawyer at 'Tmura Center' (non profitable organization), which is focused on representing discriminated minorities in Israel on the basis of gender, religion, nationality and ethnicity. In addition, during these years, she had worked as a lecturer and facilitator in the education department of ACRI, and in Amnesty International (Israel section). 

In the last couple of years, Tammy had worked as a coordinator in the Pluralism project of Shatil, and established and facilitated the Coalition Against the Exclusion of Women from the Public Sphere. 

Fields of Interest