International Academic Programs


Message from the Dean


Dear Visitors,

Thank you for your interest in our international LL.M. programs.  We invest considerable efforts and resources into strengthening these programs and are proud of the outcome so far.

The opening of our international LL.M. programs in 2011 was a natural extension of our long-standing record of excellence in legal education. The Hebrew University (HU) Faculty of Law has been offering the best LL.B, LL.M. and LL.D. programs in Israel, for more than 60 years.  We have built a top-notch international reputation for teaching and research excellence, based on the overseas activities of Faculty members and the participation of HU Law students in international competitions and exchange programs. The increased globalization of our research and teaching curriculum has further contributed to our ability to offer an attractive international LL.M. program. We now apply our legal knowledge and academic experience on a more global setting, catering to the interests of first-rate students from around the world.


Our International Programs draw on some of the HU Faculty of Law’s unique advantages:

  • A strong faculty comprised of in-house legal scholars, trained in the best law faculties in the world (including, HU Faculty of Law!) and prominent visiting professors coming from academia and the world of legal practice. We are particularly pleased to count among our annual visiting professors some twenty leading academics from around the globe, with vast experience in teaching and practicing law.
  • A long tradition of academic excellence in fields such as human rights law, public international law, intellectual property and business law, where the Faculty of Law serves as a hub for academic activities – conferences, classes, seminars, moot court competitions, overseas missions, etc.
  • The cooperation between the Faculty of Law and the Rothberg International School, who have been accommodating the needs and interests of international students for many years.
  • A pleasant and intellectually stimulating learning environment, engaging some of the world’s best students (including dozens of exchange students) in a creative and robust academic atmosphere.
  • All of this takes place at our beautiful Mount Scopus campus, located in one of the world’s most interesting, ancient and diverse cities.  


I am confident of in the high quality of our international LL.M. programs and am proud of our alumni, whom we have had the pleasure of teaching.  We are still constantly looking for ways to further improve these programs. For example, this year we have launched a pilot professional internship program designed to strengthen the practical skills of interested students. We plan to considerably expand the program next year, thereby increasing even further the programs’ ‘market value’.

I hope you make the right career decision and come spend next year studying at the Hebrew University Faculty of Law in Jerusalem.  At the very least, I can guarantee you an unforgettable experience.



Michael Karayanni
Dean of the Faculty of Law