Dr. Tal Jonathan-Zamir

Dr. Tal Jonathan-Zamir
Senior Lecturer
The Institute of Criminology Faculty of Law, Deputy Director


2010 - 2011 Post-Doctorate Fulbright Fellowship at George Mason University, Department of Criminology, Law and Society. Host: Prof. Stephen Mastrofski.

2003 - 2010 Ph.D. in Criminology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Institute of Criminology. Supervisor: Prof. David Weisburd. 
2002 - 2003 M.Sc. in "Psychology and Investigation" from the University of Liverpool, Center for Investigative Psychology.
1999 - 2002 B.A. in Social Sciences from Bar-Ilan Universityץ


Representative publications

Jonathan-Zamir, T., Hasisi, B., and Margalioth, Y. (2016). “Is it the What or the How? The roles of high-policing tactics and procedural justice in predicting perceptions of hostile treatment: The case of security checks at Ben-Gurion Airport, Israel.” Law and Society Review, 50(3).
Mastrofski, S.D., Jonathan-Zamir, T., Moyal, S., and Willis, J. (2016). "Predicting procedural justice in police-citizen encounters." Criminal Justice and Behavior, 43(1), 119-139. 
Jonathan-Zamir, T., Mastrofski, S.D., and Moyal, S. (2015). “Measuring procedural justice in police-citizen encounters.” Justice Quarterly, 32(5), 845-871. 
Jonathan-Zamir, T. and Harpaz, A. (2014). "Police understanding of the foundations of their legitimacy in the eyes of the public: The case of commanding officers in the Israel National Police." The British Journal of Criminology, 54(3), 469-489.
Jonathan-Zamir, T., and Weisburd, D. (2013). “The effects of security threats on antecedents of police legitimacy: Findings from a quasi-experiment in Israel.” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency, 50(1), 3-32.


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