Adv. shimrit Garma-Reichbard

Adv. Shimrit Grama-Reichbard, graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem with a Bachelor in Laws degree (LL.B.) which she has completed with honors. While studying in the Direct PhD track Program, Shimrit completed her Master’s degree class obligations with honors.

During the years she has worked in the public sector, Shimrit accumulated extensive and diverse practical experience which directly reflects in her research. She interned in the public sector within the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office, Civil Department, under the supervision of the current Deputy District Attorney, Adv. Kochavit Netzach-Dolev. After receiving her license to practice law, Shimrit worked in the legal department of the Ministry of Interior- in the municipal field, and rendered legal advice to several departments including among others the Business License Department. Following her position in the legal department of the Ministry of Interior, Shimrit worked in the legal department of the Ministry of Economy where she advised among others the Committee on Reducing Trade Barriers. Thereafter, Shimrit worked as an independent legal advisor for the Ministry of Economy, where she mapped Israel’s regulation regarding trade of services, required for Israel’s proposal's annex within the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). Since 2017, Shimrit works as a criminal prosecutor in the Israel Tax Authority.

In her research, Shimrit is combining public administration, regulation theory and her practical experience at the public sector.

Shimrit’s research, which its topic is "In the Shadow of the Law - Disclosure Regulation as a Tool to Increase Enforcement, Supervision and Compliance of Regulatees" is supervised by professor Yoav Dotan.