Prof. Nathan Feinberg

Prof. Nathan Feinberg

Nathan Feinberg was born in 1895 in Kovne (Kaunas), Lithuania. He studied law at the universities of Berlin and Zurich and received his doctor’s degree in law in 1918. He immigrated to Palestine in 1924 but continued to be active on the international academic scene. In 1928, for example, he traveled to Switzerland to specialize in international law, and some two years later he also received accreditation from the Institute for International Sciences at Geneva university, where he worked as a lecturer in international law through the end of 1933. Feinberg was a central figure in the establishment of the Faculty of Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and following the opening of the Faculty he was appointed a lecturer in international law and international relations at the university. In 1950-1951 he served as the first dean of the Faculty. Prof. Feinberg published numerous articles on legal and political subjects in journals and newspapers in Israel and around the world, writing in Hebrew, German, French, and Lithuanian. He received several awards for his work, including the title of Worthy Citizen of Jerusalem, and he served as an honorary member of the Institute for International Law. Feinberg passed away in 1988.


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