Nadiv Mordechay

Nadiv  Mordechay

Nadiv Mordechay (LL.B, LL.M) is a LL.D candidate and a Research Fellow at the Hebrew University Faculty of Law. His research interests include Israeli constitutional and administrative law, constitutional theory and design, comparative constitutional law, social rights, judicial review, constitutional retrogression and legislation. Alongside his research work Nadiv gained professional experience clerking for Justice Ayala Procaccia in the Supreme Court of Israel; and for Menachem Mazuz, Israel’s Attorney-General; and for five years at the Israel Democracy Institute. Nadiv served as the first Secretary General of ICON-S-IL - The Israeli chapter of ICON-S – and was the founding-editor of ICON-S-IL BLOG. 



On the Access to Legislation19MISHPAT IMIMSHAL 1 (2018) (Heb.) (with Yaniv Roznai) 

A Jewish and (Declining) Democratic State? Constitutional Retrogression in Israel, 77 MD. L. Rev. 244 (2017) (with Yaniv Roznai)

Developments in Israeli Constitutional Law: The Year 2016 in Review, in CONSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENTS - THE YEAR 2016 IN REVIEW (Richard Albert, David Landau, Pietro Faraguna and Simon Drugda eds., 2017) (with Justice Uzi Vogelman, Yaniv Roznai, and Tehilla Schwartz)

Access to Justice 2.0: Access to Legislation and Beyond, 3(3) THEORY AND PRACTICE OF LEGISLATION 1 (2016) (with Yaniv Roznai) 

Constitutional Showdowns: the case of Judicial Review on Social-Economic Rights in Israel's Supreme Court 2002-2012(2015) (LL.M Dissertation paper)

A GUIDEBOOK FOR ISRAELI LEGISLATORS (2015) (Heb.) (with Mordechai Kremnitzer and Amir Fuchs)

Towards a Cumulative Effect Doctrine: Aggregation in Constitutional Judicial Review, 44(2) MISHPATIM 596 (2014) (Heb.) (with Zemer Blondheim)

Legislative Impact Assessment on Children's Rights, 5 HATZAA LESEDER (IDI Paper Series) (2014) (Heb.) (with Mordechai Kremnitzer and Moshe Ostrovsky)

Costs Orders against Public Interest Litigants in the Israeli High Court of Justice: Did the HCJ closed its gates?, 6 MISHPATIM ONLINE (2013) (Heb.) (with Inbar Levy)

Who Should Regulate Commission Rates in the Advertising sector, 2 HATZAA LESEDER (IDI Paper Series) (2013) (Heb.) (with Tehilla Schwartz-Altshuler)


Faculty Supervisor: Prof. Yoav Dotan.