Dr. Leora Dahan Katz

Leora Dahan-Katz
Room 123


JSD, Yale Law School, 2016

LLM, Yale Law School, 2012

LLM (Research Track), Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2010

LLB, Law and English Literature, 2004


Representative publications

Dahan Katz, L. "Response Retributivism: Defending the Duty to Punish". Law and Philosophy (2020)

“Criminal Law: Political or Moral? Defending A Complementary Conception of Criminal Law in the Age of the Administrative Stat” Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, 17 (2018): 111.

“Taking Pluralism Seriously: Rethinking Punishment Theory’s Monism,” C4e Journal: Perspectives on Ethics, (2018).

 “The Implications of Heuristics and Biases Research on Moral and Legal Responsibility: A Case Against the Reasonable Person Standard” in Neuroscience and Legal Responsibility, ed. Nicole A. Vincent, (Oxford University Press, 2013).

“The Intrinsic Value of Teamwork: Reinterpreting Gardner” Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, Forthcoming.