Prof. Frances Raday

Frances Raday
Elias Liberman Chair in Labor Law
02-5882570; 02-5340593

Frances Raday was born in England in 1944. She completed her bachelor’s degree in law at the London School of Economics. In 1968 she immigrated to Israel, completing her doctorate of law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Raday has written numerous books and articles on the subject of human rights, labor law, religion and human rights, and feminist theory. She served as a researcher in the Lieberman Chair of Labor Law. Raday currently heads the Concord Institute for the Study of the Absorption of International Law in Israel in the academic track of the College of Management Academic Studies. As part of her public activities, Raday serves as chairperson of the working group of the United Nations Human Rights Committee examining discrimination against women. She formerly served as a member of the United Nations Committee to Eliminate All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). Raday also serves as chairperson of the Advisory Committee to the Commission for Equal Opportunities in Work, and formerly served as the founding chairperson of the Legal Center of the Israel Women’s Network. She has represented numerous petitioners in groundbreaking Supreme Court cases concerning claims for rights in the fields of labor law, human rights, and discrimination.
Prof. Raday has received numerous awards in recognition of her work, including the Bar-Niv Prize for Labor Law, the Israel’s Bar Prize for Outstanding Attorneys, and an award from the Israel Women’s Network for exceptional contribution.

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