Prof. Ehud Guttel

Ehud Guttel
Bora Laskin Chair in Law
Room 129


LL.B, Hebrew University, 1997
LL.M, Yale University, 1999
J.S.D, Yale University, 2002


Representative publications

"Sequencing in Damages” (with E. Cheng and Y. Procaccia), 74 Stanford Law Review (forthcoming, 2022). 

“Shared Liability and Excessive Care” (with Y. Procaccia & E. Winter), Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization (forthcoming, 2021).

“Tort Liability and the Risk of Discriminatory Government” (with A. Porat), 87 University of Chicago Law Review 1-60 (2020).

“Torts for Nonvictims: The Case for Third-Party Litigation” (with A. Harel & S. Lavie), 2018 Illinois Law Review 1049.

"Bargaining around Cost-Benefit Standards" (with S. Leshem), 103 Journal of Public Economics 55-67  (2013).

"Buying the Right to Harm" (with S. Leshem), 86 S. California Law Review 1195-1237 (2013).

"Negligence, Strict Liability and Collective Action" (wth D. Gilo & E. Yuval), 42 Journal of Legal Studies 69-82 (2013).

"Criminal Sanctions in the Defense of the Innocent" (with D. Teichman) 110 Michigan Law Review 597-646 (2012).

"Negligence and Insufficient Activity: The Missing Paradigm in Torts" (with D. Gilo) 108 Michigan Law Review 277-322 (2009).

"The (Hidden) Risk of Opportunistic Precautions” 93 Virginia Law Review 1389-1435 (2007).

"Matching Probabilities: The Behavioral Law & Economics of Repeated Behavior" (with A. Harel) 72 University of Chicago Law Review 1197-1236 (2005).

"Overcorrection" 93 Georgetown Law Journal 241-283 (2004).