Foreign Degree Recognition


Please notice:

Due to regulatory restriction derived from COVID-19 pandemic, there are no office hours, and working will apply in limited format: Our offices do not accept audience, and we are not able to answer your telephone calls. 

Answers are given by emails on Thursdays only, between 09:00 and 13:00. Emails are only answered during these hours. 

Please specify your request to details, and send all relevant documents by email, in addition to your contact information.

To open a recognition procedure - you need to fill and sign a request form (see below) and attach it to your email together with all relevant documents in PDF format. 

Addressing applications will take longer than usual.


Hebrew University's Faculty of Law oversees the recognition process of all foreign law degrees.

To apply, please email to: the request form (Word or PDF) along with the additional documents listed in the form.

For more information on this process, please see the Hebrew section of the website.


Office HoursThursdays 09:00-13:00.

Please note: there will be no office hours at the Degree Recognition Office on Thursday July 30th 2020 (Tisha B'Av) and August 27th 2020 (due to the university's summer vacation)

Room 7

The Faculty of Law, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 9190501


Contact information:
Phone: 02-5882540
Fax: 02-5823042