Prof. Guy Harpaz

Guy Harpaz
Lecturer, Law Faculty and Department of International Relations. Arnold Brecht chair in European law

Fields of Interest:

European Union Law, International Law, International Trade Law, Law & Globalization, Law & Privatisation.

LL.B. with EC Law (First Class Honours), University of Leeds, England and K.U. Leuven, Belgium, 1993; LL.M. in Commercial and EC Law (First Class Honours), Wolfson College, University of Cambridge, England; Ph.D., St John's College, University of Cambridge, 2003


Academic Awards 

Jean Monnet Module, European Community (2005-08); The Levy Eshkol Institute for Social, Economic and Political Research in Israel, Research Grant (2005); Research Grant, Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations (2005); The Birk Prize (2005); Leonard Davis Institute for International Relations, Research Grant (2004); University Institute for Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation, Tel Aviv University, Research Grant (2004); Jean Monnet Module, European Community (2001-2004), Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration and the EU-Israel Forum Prize (2004), Faculty Research Award, International Council for Canadian Studies (2003), University of Haifa Prize for excellence in lecturing (2003),  Cambridge European Scholarship (2001), St. John's College, Cambridge Grant (2001), European Union Grant, European University Institute, Florence, Italy (2001), Allen, Meek and Read Award, University of Cambridge (1999-2001), ORS Award, (1998-2001), Cambridge Overseas Trust Scholarship (1998-2001), Wolfson College, Cambridge, Jennings Prize (1994), Hughes Prize, Leeds (1993), McCormicks Prize, Leeds (1993), Crabtree Prize, Leeds (1991), Tetley and Lupton Scholarship, Leeds (1990).


Admitted to the Israel Bar 1996


Member of  the International Relations Committee (Israel-EU) - Israeli Bar, Wolfson College, University of Cambridge (Alumni), St. John's College, University of Cambridge (Alumni), the Israeli Association for the Study of European Integration, the Israeli Committee for the advancement of Israel-China Relations; Cambridge Overseas Trust; The University Association for Contemporary European Studies; European Community Studies Association;Israel Association for Canadian Studies; Israeli Civil Society. 


Recent Publications 

The European Community's Common Commercial Policy - The Quest for Enhanced Predictability, Rationality, Solidarity and Legitimacy (forthcoming - Cameron May, London),""Dumping" the Anti-Dumping Instruments in the Trade Relations between the European Union and the State of Israel? - The European Union's Perspective", 39/3 Journal of World Trade  445-482 (2005); "The Europe Neighborhood Policy and its Impact on the Israeli-European Union-United States Triangle", 6/2 San Diego International Law Journal 295-322 (2005); "The Israeli Supreme Court in Search of Universal Legitimacy" 65(1)Cambridge Law Journal (2005) (forthcoming);"The European Free Trade Association", Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law(forthcoming); "The European Community's Common Commercial Policy – The Quest for Enhanced Predictability, Rationality, Solidarity and Legitimacy", 5 Cambridge Yearbook on European Legal Studies 195-236 (2004); "The Effectiveness of Eu-Rope’s “Soft” Power Instruments in its Relations with the State of Israel", 7 Cambridge Yearbook on European Legal Studies 159-185 (2005) (forthcoming);  "EU-Israel and the European Neighbourhood Policy: Legal and Economic Implications", 31/4 Legal Issues of Economic Integration 257-274 (2004); "The Dispute over the Treatment of Products Exported to the European Union from the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, the West Bank and the Gaza Strip-The Limits of Power and the Limits of the Law" 38/6 Journal of World Trade 1049-1058 (2004);"The European Neighbourhood Policy and its Impact on the State of Israel" Law and Business (IDC, Israel) [Hebrew] (forthcoming).

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