Prof. Ehud Guttel

Ehud Guttel
Bora Laskin Chair in Law

LL.B, Hebrew University, 1997
LL.M, Yale University, 1999
J.S.D, Yale University, 2002


Representative publications

"Bargaining around Cost-Benefit Standards" (with S. Leshem), 103 Journal of Public Economics 55-67  (2013).

"Buying the Right to Harm" (with S. Leshem), 86 S. California Law Review 1195-1237 (2013).

"Negligence, Strict Liability and Collective Action" (wth D. Gilo & E. Yuval), 42 Journal of Legal Studies 69-82 (2013).

"Criminal Sanctions in the Defense of the Innocent" (with D. Teichman) 110 Michigan Law Review 597-646 (2012).

"Negligence and Insufficient Activity: The Missing Paradigm in Torts" (with D. Gilo) 108 Michigan Law Review 277-322 (2009).

"The (Hidden) Risk of Opportunistic Precautions” 93 Virginia Law Review 1389-1435 (2007).

"Matching Probabilities: The Behavioral Law & Economics of Repeated Behavior" (with A. Harel) 72 University of Chicago Law Review 1197-1236 (2005).

"Overcorrection" 93 Georgetown Law Journal 241-283 (2004).



Fields of Interest