About Us

The law faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, located on Mount Scopus, is the flagship of legal research and education in Israel. The faculty, established in 1949 as the first law faculty at an Israeli university, has a glorious past, an impressive record of present day excellence and a promising future.


As the oldest law school in Israel, the Hebrew University's Law Faculty is the alma mater of thousands of jurists who excel in their professional life, in public and private practice as well as in academic circles, in Israel and abroad.
The Law Faculty takes pride in the numerous achievements of its alumni, and considers itself to be a welcoming home not only for its current students and faculty, but also for its graduates. 

Institutes and Centers

A significant part of the academic activity in the law school is organized by institutes and centers that specialize in specific areas. These activities include, among other things, workshops, international conferences, and guest lectures. 


This part of the website includes the individual sites of each institute and center, in which you can find complete information on activities, faculty members, and more.


The law school publishes several legal periodicals both in English and in Hebrew. These publications are an important part of student activity in the school. This part of the website includes the individual sites of each publication, in which you can find past articles, submission information, and more.