Prof. Eyal Benvenisti

Eyal Benvenisti
Associate Professor


LL.B. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

LL.M. Yale Law School

J.S.D. Yale Law School


Representative publications

1. The WHO —Destined To Fail?: Political Cooperation and the Covid-19 Pandemic, 114 American J. Int’l. L. (forthcoming, October 2020).

2. Monopolizing War: Codifying the Laws of War to Reassert Governmental Authority, 1856–1874 31 European J Int’l L. 127 (2020)  (with Doreen Lustig).

3. EJIL Foreword: Upholding Democracy amid the Challenges of New Technology: What Role for the Law of Global Governance?, 29 European J. Int’l L. 9(2018).

4.Between Fragmentation and Democracy: The Role of National and International Courts (Cambridge University Press, 2017, with George W. Downs).

5. The Law of Global Governance (The Hague Academy of International Law “pocket book” series, 2014); also in the 368 Collected Courses of The Hague Academy of International Law 47 (2013) (Chinese trans., forthcoming 2021).

6. Sovereigns as Trustees of Humanity: On the Accountability of States to Foreign Stakeholders, 107 American J. Int’l. L. 295 (2013).

7. The International Law of Occupation (2nd Ed., Oxford University Press, 2012).