Adv. Bana Shoughry

Bana  Shoughry
The International Human Rights Clinic

Attorney Bana Shoughry is the clinical supervisor of the International Human Rights Clinic and adjunct lecturer at the Faculty of Law teaching: "The Prohibition of Torture" and "Gender, Religion, and the Law".
Shoughry holds L.L.B degree from the Hebrew University (1999) and L.L.M degree in International Human Rights Law from the Washington College of Law, American University (2001), as the graduate of the New Israel Fund Human Rights and Civil Liberties Legal Leadership Program.
In 1999 Shoughry joined the legal team of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI). Within this framework Shoughry worked to promote the right to equality for the Palestinian citizens of Israel; the right to family unification and human rights for the stateless; the right to freedom of and from religion and housing rights. Furthermore, Shoughry managed ACRI’s work to promote the rights of the Palestinian Bedouins livings in unrecognized villages in the Negev for legal recognition, planning rights, social and cultural rights, and for the recognition of their indigenous and historical land rights. Her work included strategic legal petitions in addition to hundreds of objections to Regional Outline Plan for the Southern Region (4/14/23) which ignored the existence of the villages and their residents. Shoughry`s work was finalized by a position paper to the "Goldberg Committee for the Bedouin Settlement in the Negev". The incorporation of legal and planning tools led, among others, to the recognition of the Derijat village, and the establishment of two schools and seven health clinics in these unrecognized villages.
In June 2008, Shoughry became the legal director of the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI). Between then to July 2015, Shoughry led PCATI's legal campaign against torture and against impunity granted to ISA employees suspected of carrying out torture against their interrogees.  The combination Israeli administrative-constitutional legal tools together with International and Criminal law tools, led to the establishment of a new and unit at the Israeli ministry of Justice responsible for monitoring complaints of torture. The unit replaced the ISA internal inspection mechanism and increased independence and transparency in inspecting complaints. Furthermore, Shoughry initiated the project for the training of the country's first team for effective documentation and investigation of torture according to the Istanbul Protocol. The team is made up of volunteer health and mental experts together with lawyers, and has been a member of that team since 2012.
Moreover, Shoughry is a member of the Working Group for Equality in Personal Status issues of Palestinian Women Citizens if Israel, and “SAWA” organization for the elimination of all forms of sexual, physical, and gender violence against Palestinian women.