Israeli Law and Economics Association Conference

December 19, 2017
Prof. Ian Ayers

Prof. Ian Ayres and the best researchers in the field in Israel presented selected studies

On Sunday, 17th of December, the Faculty of Law hosted the annual conference of the Israeli Law and Economics Association (ILEA), which brings together all researchers in this field in Israel. The annual conference featured selected articles that underwent competitive judging. This year, researchers from leading research institutions in Israel, as well as from around the world, presented their research on a variety of subjects such as commercial law and regulation of the capital market, civil law, the legal process, and more.

The guest of honor was Professor Ian Ayres of Yale University - former president of the American Society of Law and Economics and a leading researcher of law. Since 1994, Ayres has served as the William K. Townsend professor at the Yale Law School and is a professor at the Yale School of Management. He teaches antitrust, civil rights, commercial law, contracts, corporations, corporate finance, law and economics, property, and quantitative methods. In 2006, Ayres was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and also currently serves as a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. At the conference, Ayres presented his research on settlement through platforms.


The Vice Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Doron Teichman, currently serves as President of the Israeli Law and Economics Association.