The Faculty of Law's Exchange Program Wins First Prize for Excellence in International Activity

11 April, 2021

The award is presented for the first time this year by the University's International Office.

The exchange program of the Faculty of Law includes a network of agreements with some 30 law schools in 14 countries and on four continents. Every year, about 70-50 students participate in the program. To date, about 1,000 faculty students and about 350 foreign students have come to study in Jerusalem. Students in the Faculty of Law enjoy a unique and enriching experience in leading law schools such as Columbia, Stanford, Penn, Virginia, Georgetown, the Sorbonne as well as prestigious institutions in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The exchange program also includes the unique institution, CTLs in London, which was co-founded by the Faculty of Law.

The Faculty of Law's successful exchange program has served as a role model in other departments at the University.