Course Spotlight: 'Policing Terror', Institute for the study of Criminology

January 3, 2018

On Monday, January 1st, the 'Policing Terror' course by the Institute for the Study of Criminology hosted Former Shin Bet agents' operator Gonen Ben Yitzhak.

Among other duties, Ben Yitzhak was the operator of the "Green Prince", the son of the head of Hamas in the West Bank who was recruited as an agent and was a significant factor in preventing terror attacks.

In the lecture, Gonen Ben-Yitzhak presented the students with the various dilemmas in operating agents, with emphasis on human rights issues, psychological aspects and the regulation required to operate living sources.

The course "Policing Terror", under the direction of Dr. Simon Perry, deals with the criminological issues of terrorism and its treatment, both in Israel and abroad. Ben-Yitzhak is one of the guest lecturers in the course, who present practical applications of the theoretical models taught in the course.

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