Workshop for Environmental Student Activists in Jerusalem

Workshop for Environmental Student Activists in Jerusalem, Jerusalem, June 10, 2010
Students from the Partnership-supported course, "Environmental Justice in a Trans-boundary Space," organized a workshop which brought together students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem's departments of Geography, Environmental Studies, and the Faculty of Law, as well as representatives of nongovernmental organizations working in Jerusalem, including Bimkom – Planners for Planning rights, ACRI – the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Ir Amim, and the Israeli Committee against House Demolitions.
The workshop involved a discussion of environmental issues in East Jerusalem. Students presented work they had done on the lack of public parks, inadequate waste disposal facilities, and water and sewage problems, while law students proposed ways to combat these problems in the legal system. Participants commented on the research projects presented, suggesting ways for building on these projects in ways that will bring about effective change.