Tools for Change

Tools for Change – training seminar for engaged students, Jerusalem, February-May, 2010
The program Tools for Change was developed for a group of engaged students, to provide an acquaintance with strategies for social change, stressing the importance of practical tools. The need for the program came up four years ago during the Partnership's first seminars for student activists in Jerusalem, as students raised their interest in a framework that would enable them to acquire practical tools for their ongoing civic engagement. This is the program's third year of implementation.
The program was developed and implemented together with the Student Union at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Shatil – Leading Social Change in Israel. Workshops were held on a weekly basis, with the participation of 30 engaged students.
The following is a list of the workshops and facilitators:
1. Introduction to social activism and civil society in Israel – facilitated by Carlos Sztyglic, Associate Director, Shatil.
2. Strategy building, the first step in any social initiative or struggle – Dina Kashdan, organizational consultant at Shatil. In this workshop, students learned how to define goals and objectives, and how to articulate a strategy.
3. Resource development – how to raise funds in today's difficult economic climate – Samer Jaber, resource development consultant at Shatil.
4. Lobbying – importance and methodology – Shlomit Ashery, lobby consultant at Shatil. 
5. How to work with the media and leverage it to promote change – Ayelet Danon, media consultant, Center for Policy Change, Shatil.
6. Community organizing and work with volunteers – a central challenge for social organizations – Jabir Asaqla, Director of Palestinian Programs, Shatil. The workshop presented successful models employed by social change organizations, and modes of action and organization strategies.