The Partnership works in varied ways to enhance Jewish and Arab students' understanding of the social context of their civic engagement, develop their capabilities to act for social change, and broaden their activism.
  • Community-engaged courses - 
    The Partnership has supported the development of community-engaged courses, academic courses that integrate the social action of students. We encourage students interested in action for change, or student activists seeking to deepen their social knowledge and action, to participate in community-engaged courses. For a list of the courses that we have supported click here. For research papers written by students in community-engaged courses (in Hebrew)  click here

  • Seminars for engaged students - 
    The Partnership holds seminars for student activists, with the participation of student organizations and social change organizations. The seminars provide a setting for open discussion and for development of social and political thought, acquisition of practical tools for social change, creation and upholding of social networks, and reinforcement of the commitment of a new generation of students to act for social justice. 
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  • Conferences and study days - 
    Students at institutions of higher education are significant partners in academy-community engagement programs. The Partnership holds academic conferences and study-days for faculty members, students, and social change organizations – to create a shared discourse of social change, setting for reflection and consultation, and exchange of knowledge. 
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