Mission Statement

The Law Faculty aims to develop cutting-edge research, to educate the future leaders of Israel’s legal community and to nurture future generations of outstanding legal scholars.

  • The Law Faculty is a leading partner in key international scientific and scholarly networks. The Faculty evaluates itself by international standards and strives to be counted among the best law faculties worldwide. The Faculty thus facilitates extensive international contacts and relations with international researchers, students and academic institutions.
  • The Law Faculty endeavours to be a vibrant academic community, characterized by its intellectual effervescence and openness to the outside world. Our community is founded upon core academic values – primarily, the search for knowledge, better understanding of the world, identifying problems and their causes and developing solutions to improve our world, while treating all members of the community with respect and collegiality.  
  • The Law Faculty seeks to provide its students with top-notch legal training that will equip them to embark on a life-long career in the service of law and society, characterized by professional excellence and commitment to justice, fairness and high ethical standards.
  • The law faculty is committed to a vision of the law as an instrument for the betterment of society, and seeks to instil in our students, inter alia by way of example, the idea that the law serves as a tool to combat social injustice.  
  • We see the law as a social institution, which can be better understood and developed not only through “internal” perspectives, focusing on legal doctrines, but also through “external” points of view, in particular insights developed by other academic disciplines, such as the social sciences and the humanities. The Faculty thus encourages its members to collaborate with colleagues from other disciplines, and lays great emphasis on inter-disciplinary research and education.
  • The Faculty is committed to contributing to and conducting extensive dialogue with the legal community in Israel, including the judiciary, and practitioners. It invites judges and lawyers to address the Faculty, and to participate in academic conferences and continuous legal education programs that the Faculty organizes.
  • The Law Faculty of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem accepts the important responsibility of nurturing the study and teaching of the legal heritage of the Jewish people over the ages, as well as modern Israeli law. At the same time, we believe that local law ought to be developed, taught and researched in the light of comparative and international laws.
  • The Law Faculty is a pluralistic institution, where science and knowledge are developed for the benefit of all humankind, in an atmosphere free of discrimination and prejudice. We are also committed to ensuring the diversity of our student body and faculty.
  • The Law Faculty is an integral part of the Hebrew University and shares the latter’s mission, aims and goals.


Specific Goals:

  • To establish at the Law Faculty a critical mass of leading academic scholars who constitutes an intellectual powerhouse and who have expertise in the main branches and methods of legal research and education.
  • To provide Faculty researchers, visiting scholars and students with optimal intellectual and material conditions needed to conduct and publish their research work and to undergo their studies while meeting the highest professional standards.  
  • To create and maintain centres of excellence in research and education in selected cutting edge fields. These centres would serve as hubs for extensive academic activities and constitute an intellectual home for members of our community of researchers.
  • To foster interaction between members of the Faculty’s academic community, so as to encourage cross-fertilization of their work, mutual support, constructive criticism and collegial relations.
  • To attract the best students in Israel for all degree programs, as well as to develop a strong body of international students.
  • To offer excellent innovative legal and inter-disciplinary study programs, in Hebrew and English, which allow our graduates to perform as highly qualified professionals in academia, legal practice and other walks of life. Such an education combines theory and practice, local, foreign and international law, and both legal and non-legal disciplines. All educational programs will be consistent with to the Faculty’s mission, aims and goals.
  • To provide students with a pleasant studying experience, to treat them fairly and with respect, to be sensitive to their needs, difficulties and expectations junior members of our academic community.
  • To participate in a wide range of international and intra-Israeli collaborations, including academic exchange programs, international conferences and seminars, joint research projects and joint degree programs.
  • To participate in a wide array of inter-disciplinary research and study projects, including joint research centres, joint academic appointments and joint degree programs.
  • To develop and support practical programs for using law in the service of societal needs and interests, including legal clinics and other sociality important activities. In addition, faculty members are encouraged to harness their academic expertise to the service of society.
  • To develop strong connections to Israel’s legal community, serving as a bridge between the theory of law and legal doctrine on the one hand, and its practical application to real-life problems and situations on the other.  
  • To support the Hebrew University in its broader mission of advancing its status as an internationally leading institution for higher learning in all academic disciplines.