Dorot Fellowship in Israel & Campus-Community Partnership

Dorot Fellowship in Israel & Campus-Community Partnership – Joint Program, Jerusalem, February-April, 2011
The Partnership has initiated a joint program with the Dorot Fellowship in Israel – a pilot program bringing together Israeli and American young activists to explore strategies and tools for social change and develop skills for effective leadership, through a cross-cultural experience.
Dorot Fellows and graduates of the Partnership's community-engaged courses participate in three workshops, over a period of three months, to discuss challenges for advancing social change, and reflect upon their experience in civic engagement. The workshops integrate guest lectures, study tours, and coaching sessions. Mixed teams of participants will work to formulate and implement a short term project in Jerusalem, addressing issues of multiculturalism.
The project aims to foster among participants a multifaceted view of Jerusalem and of Israeli society, and provide participants with tools and motivation for contending with the ongoing challenges they face as young leaders for change.