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The Phillip C. Jessup Moot Court Competition is the largest and most prestigious moot court competition in the world. Students from more than 80 countries and 550 law schools compete each year in regional competitions for the distinction of proceeding to the International Rounds. Held every spring in Washington, D.C, the International Rounds are conducted together with the Annual Conference of theAmerican Society of International Law (ASIL). The Competition is organized by the International Law Student Association (ILSA). Simulating a fictional dispute between States brought before the International Court of Justice – the judicial organ of the United Nations – the competition requires each participating team to prepare detailed oral and written pleadings, arguing both the applicant and respondent positions of the case.


Thousands of law students from all around the world work yearlong on the Jessup problem, which tackles crucial questions of international law. Only one Israeli team can advance to the international rounds. Usually, a national competition is held annually in Tel Aviv for the purpose of determining which school team should proceed. The Hebrew University has participated in Jessup since 2007, and has since claimed the uninterrupted honour of proceeding to the International Championships. Hebrew University students have additionally demonstrated to be extremely talented in their international performances. In 2008, they achieved sixth place (from approximately 90 teams) in the preliminary rounds, and advanced automatically to the octo-final rounds; whilst in 2009 the Hebrew University team was rated amongst the top twenty-four teams (from approximately 110 teams), and went on to participate in the advanced rounds. Several team members have also been entered on the list of the top 100 oralists, and the team's memorials were graded among the top 15 (11th place in 2008, 13th place in 2009). The 2010-2011 team won all four rounds in the preliminary stages and was ranked 8. The team went to compete in the advanced rounds and for the first time in the Faculty’s history made it to the quarter-finals. Their written memorials were ranked among the top 10 best written submission (10th place). The 2011-2012 team continued this tradition of success, finishing the preliminary rounds in 7th place and its written submissions being ranked 6th. More recently, the 2012-2013 team equalled the University's record by reaching the quarter-finals of the competition – losing to the competition finalists – in a year in which over 550 institutions around the world participated. For the first time, all the University's oralists eligible for ranking finished in the top 50. Most recently, the 2013-2014 Hebrew University team narrowly lost on a split decision to the finalist team in the competition. Competition organizers and judges have been repeatedly and deeply impressed by the excellent performance of Hebrew University students.


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Hebrew University Teams


Hebrew University Jessup teams consist of 4 to 5 specially selected students from the Faculty of Law, who spend the year receiving intensive training in International Law. Particular attention is paid to improving research, writing, and litigation skills of contestants under the tutelage of Adv Tal Mimran and Ori Pomson (2014-2015).


After committing themselves to a period of substantial research during the fall semester, the Jessup team prepares written memorials addressed to the International Court of Justice based on the competition’s case (the Compromis). The team then presents oral arguments at the Regional Competition in Tel Aviv, which takes place in February of the competition year. The team who wins the Regional Competition proceeds to the International Rounds in Washington D.C.


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The Current Team 2015-2016


Coaches: Adv. Tal Mimran and Ori Pomson

  Rebecca Baskin

Rebecca is a second year student at the Law Faculty, and has received a bachelor degree magna cum laude in International Relations and Middle Eastern Studies, also at the Hebrew University. Rebecca was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and immigrated to Israel in 2009. She did her military service as a basic training commander in the Air Force. During her international relations studies, Rebecca participated in the International Committee of the Red Cross’ international humanitarian law competition, and the following year coached the Hebrew University teams in this competition. During her time at the Hebrew University, Rebecca has worked as a research assistant focusing on the evolution of Iraqi personal status law, and as the coordinator of an interdisciplinary doctoral program at the Law Faculty's Minerva Center for Human Rights. She is currently the student assistant for the Faculty's International Law Forum. 

  Shahar Brukner

Shahar is a third year student in the joint Law and Economics program at the Hebrew University. He graduated from the Hebrew Reali School in Haifa, where he was also an active Scout in charge of guiding several age groups. Following high school, Shahar served in the 12th Battalion of the Golani Brigade as a squad leader. After finishing his service, he worked as the tribe leader of the Carmel Scouts tribe, the largest one in the Haifa region. Last year, Shahar took part in the Law Faculty’s International Human Rights clinic, where he led a program granting health insurance to asylum-seeking minors. He currently works as a research assistant in the Israeli Supreme Court’s research department.

  Michal Goffer 

Michal is a second year student at the Law Faculty. She studied at Ort Kiryat Tivon High School, where she was active in the community and in the Noar Oved Velomed youth movement. Following graduation, Michal served in Naval Intelligence as an analyst and coordinated between the forces at sea and headquarters. In the first year of her studies, she volunteered in the “Adopt a Grandparent” program, where she aided an elderly woman throughout the year. This year, Michal is part of the team representing students before the university’s disciplinary committee.

  Stav Zeitouni

Stav is a second year student at the Hebrew University, double majoring in Law and Psychology. She graduated from Shoham High School, where she was also active in the local Scouts tribe, and served as an Intelligence officer in the IDF. Prior to university, Stav worked as a trail guide at a YMCA summer camp in northern Minnesota. In her first year of studies, she took part in a dialogue scholarship involving Jewish and Arab students and volunteered in the “Speaking Hebrew” program, where she taught young women from Issawiya Hebrew. Stav currently volunteers in the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center’s legal accompaniment department.



Tal Mendelson

Tal is a second year student of Law and English Literature. She served in the Intelligence Corps of the IDF as a commander in basic and advanced training courses and as a researcher. Tal is a member of the Hebrew University Debating Society; along with her partner, she won the Israeli Debating Championships for junior speakers and competed in the European University Debating Championships. In her first year of studies, Tal volunteered at the Hebrew University Law Students' Alumni Association, and she currently works as an instructor of high-school debating.

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